Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 7

We have had a great week this week. I am still tweaking our daily routine and hopefully will pray hard enough and determined enough to get an answer on what will help. We are getting more organized which I actually think is the reason for such struggle during the week. 
Hubby and I are getting lots of DIY work finished. I have lots I need time to post. In time...

Here are some wonderful moments this week!

We had to etch and paint the basement floor. I couldn't take it anymore. No longer being called the "Dungeon".

Happy Birthday my dear niece. What a short 5 years it has been watching you grow.

Halloween Nachos. Black and orange chips!

Games, Games and more Games this week!!

Fraction Formula will remain a favorite forever... Daddy busted!! 

Spot it which they will not allow me to play -- SORE LOSERS!!

Her new favorite.

Reading time with just me and my baby - DD said mommy I am going to take a picture...
Excuse the no makeup mother...


This is a project I worked on a while back and posted. Finally got it finalized into our new home decor.

Another project that I made last week. Just took a 2X4 that I had from scrap and we spray painted it and I glued clothes pins that again I spray painted and hung on my wall in my half room. Love displaying the kids work.


  1. not very wordless was it LOL! Great pics

  2. Well I was kinda in a talking mood. Normally the pictures need some explanation! LOL!!

  3. I love your art display. I wanted to something similar in our hall to the upstairs. It is so open and I want it to say kids live here. I may just have to use the 2X4 idea. Thanks Oh an thanks for stopping by my blog. I came to look around. :)

  4. We are getting ready to paint our basement floor also. Hubster wants carpet but I don't. Don't like how dirty carpet gets plus I do not like to vacuum!


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