Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sales

We love Mystery Of History and Christian Kids Explore. WonderMaps I had the awesome opportunity to review this year and it was so awesome. So save save save!!! 


Currclick is always my go to for all resources for our homeschooling. They have awesome freebies but also a HUGE assortment of great things to buy and at a discount you can't get any better deal!

Confessions of a Homeschooler is having 10% off her items.

Hands of a Child is having a huge sale if your buying downloads - 60% off.

Writeshop which is a favorite is having 20% off and a freebie.

Montessori Print Shop is having a sale which will be announced on Friday and there is a coupon code also Save 15% on your purchases!
Code: USThanks2012

We Choose Virtues use code FRIDAY30 for 30% off! 
Cyber Monday Use code MONDAY30 for 30% off!

Notebooking Pages is changing some things up and I can say this was one item I am glad I bought. Normally I'm all for freebies but man oh man the notebooking thing is excellent for my kiddos. They have a great deal on Lifetime Membership, which is the only option now since they have decided to simplify things!  

On January 1, 2013, all new Notebooking Pages Lifetime Treasury Memberships will go up to $99.95. LIFETIME access to The Notebooking Publisher™ will not be offered again after this sale event.

Lifetime Membership PLUS One-Year FREE Access to The Notebooking Publisher™:
After 1st year, to continue access to The Notebooking Publisher™ web-application, account will auto-renew for $2.49/month. Cancel at anytime.
Black Friday – Cyber Monday (Nov. 26)… $69.95
Nov. 27 – Dec. 14… $79.95
Dec. 15 – Dec. 31… $89.95
January 1, 2013 … $99.95.  

Lifetime Membership PLUS Lifetime Access to The Notebooking Publisher™:
Black Friday – Cyber Monday (Nov. 26) $110.00
Nov. 27 – Dec. 14… $130
Dec. 15 – Dec. 31… $150
January 1, 2013 … this offer will no longer exist.

HAVE FUN!!! My husband and mother always look forward to Black Friday but I prefer my nice warm bed. So kids and I will be asleep. I love Cyber Monday however!



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  1. I also prefer to sleep in on Black Friday and do my shopping from home! :)


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