Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Floors - Our New Home Projects

Moving into our new home was a huge step for our family. Kevin and I have been married for 11 years and we have never owned a home of our own. Does that define us? Nope sure doesn't. 

We happily lived in our rental home for almost 6 years. That's the only home my children really knew. Memories that where made there will always be in my heart. The couple that owned our rental home started having some personal issues so they decided to sale the home. We couldn't afford the price tag that was attached and considered staying. We met the new owner, he was going to allow us to stay however God had already started working something else out. 

We bought our home as a foreclosure. We paid nearly nothing. We looked at several however the others had horrible structure damage. So that was a huge NO from the beginning. I actually found this home before our Realtor. I called and we came to look within 2 days. We submitted an offer and we actually where the only people to even look at our home!! It had been on the market since February and only the cleaning service had been inside. 

With the house being a foreclosure it needed lots of love. We didn't have an issue with that at all. So first things we needed done was the horrible carpet pulled up. It was smelly, nasty and coming apart. We was hopeful that maybe old hardwood was under but not so lucky. 

We got a great deal at Lumber Liquidators on laminate planks. We done our whole home for only around $500.00. Our upstairs is nearly 1800 sq feet. However this wasn't installed in our bathrooms or kitchen.

This is the only picture I had of the carpet. Crazy me - Didn't even think about blogging about our house remodel... Sorry!!

 We had to remove the carpet, remove nails, tacks and staples. 

We had to wait over 4 weeks for the flooring to come simply because it was on back order. Then we had to let it sit in the house to adjust for 2 weeks. 

We gathered some of our family that said they would love and be happy to help us and we started! 

 Flooring finished however Dining Room isn't complete as of yet! 

Living Room flooring complete. The living room was half painted and the furniture hadn't been placed back properly as of the picture. 

The flooring took 2 full days. One day we started around 9 that morning and didn't finish until 8 that night. We only stopped to eat lunch and then I stopped helping and cooked Supper for the guys to eat. My husband and Uncle was a huge help! The next day started about 9 and ended about 4. Not to bad!! 

I love the new hardwood floor. Looks wonderful! 
WE DONE IT ALL OURSELVES TOO!! With the help of an Uncle!!

I have many other DIY projects to list. My kitchen, basement floor, etc.

Blessings Friends!


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