Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Lapbook Complete


Hubby and I voted early however today even though we are on our second week of break we decided it was important to make sure we went over some facts with the kids.

We used Homeschool Shares Lapbook for Elections. This lapbook was awesome. It helped go over very basic topics for becoming President, Senate and House of Representatives.

I loved going through the "If I Were President" book with them... Here was some of the answers they gave, which are unique and so cute!

The things they would like best about being President:
Money, Fancy Food, Living in a huge house, Being the boss.

I would help people by:
Giving them homes, Giving them food and making jobs.

I would live in the White House with:
My momma, daddy, granny and papaw. They each included their brothers and sisters. DD also requested that Kendra and Kaley come which are are long lost friends we left behind when we moved...

My pet would be:
A monkey, hamster and one said a Husky.

Loved letting them see what it really was like to register to vote. They asked for an extra copy to play with.
I think they have a better understanding at the end of the day to see why its important to vote and why we should understand whom we are voting for.

This wasn't included in the Lapbook but we held our own election for our kids.

 Hubby was asking DS1 for photo I.D. lol -- And well he didn't have any but was still allowed to vote!

We had fun and I hope everyone voted and prayed!! We did and I enjoyed using this awesome free resource to teach my children!! Thanks Homeschool Share!!


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  1. Great opportunity for a lesson, major elections like this. I love that you hubby asked for an ID and of course lack of ID does not stop a voter. :)


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