Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grace & Truth Books - Review

Summit Blvd
Sand Springs, OK 74063

My family was sent two of the eight volumes representing The Children's Heritage Series - Girl Collection. The entire set is located here and is priced at $39.00. We enjoyed First Impressions of God: Story of Emily Tappan and also Grace Raymond: The Evil and Cure of a Passionate Temper. These are reprints from the 19th century aimed at girls 8-14.

My daughter who is 9 and I read these out load normally during our school day at reading time. The books are soft covered and black and white within. The pages where very easy for me to read aloud. I did encounter some issues having her read because of the books being 19th Century.

The book is soft covered and is 102 pages long. Little Emily begins being so excited that she knows about God from a small friend. She was so happy and excited she ran to tell her mother only to really have her momma dismiss her. I love how she explained knowing how great God was.

"He is so great! Greater than this house, greater than the tall trees, greater than everything, and I thought you would be glad to know it."

How humble a child is when they think of our Father! This is a journey as she grows in knowing a personal relationship with him. She had to seek it out, her family wasn't ready for her to understand and be taught about God. The discovery of a Godly relationship was good timing for my daughter to be involved in reading this. She is growing in her relationship at this very time too. We would alternate reading the book, just depended on our mood. We loved cuddling on our couch with a blanket! We did have some issues with the way the book language was presented, I had to explain some of the meanings and just change some words around because the books where reprinted from so long ago.

Soft cover and 62 pages long.
This is a story of little Grace whom is 13 (teenager explains it all lol) that had a horribly violent temper and very harsh spoken. She is actually being raised in a Godly home. Throughout the story she realized from some guided help and a wonderful teacher that God could use her and help her wash away sins. She had done some pretty bad things (hurting her sister) and when she started a relationship with God and turned her ways around everyone noticed. Again same language issues in this book but again nothing we couldn't explain and change around a little, after all these are some very dated books that are timeless classics!

There are many life lessons that can be applied in these books. I would actually like to own the rest of the set. That may actually be something we get our daughter to go with her Christmas gifts.  

The Schoolhouse Crew had the pleasure of reviewing several different titles from Grace & Truth Books. Not all where girl or boy books. Go on over and see the awesome collection we all were honored to review!

Disclaimer: I received through The Schoolhouse Crew complimentary books in exchange of my personal thoughts in a review here on my blog.

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