Friday, November 23, 2012

Our 2012 Christmas Cards

Stationery card
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Shutterfly has some awesome deals right now. You can actually get 10 cards free by using the promo code "BLACK FRIDAY".

If you spend over $30.00 you also get free shipping enter code SHIP30! Yes the codes stack! 

Enjoy the codes friends. I love Shutterfly however this time I had a little trouble loading my pictures which hasn't happened before but its alright because I saved $47.00!!!!!!!!!! 


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  1. Hey, I noticed a move but could not keep up with it all. I have been in internet blackout much of the time. THe old computer not working most of the time and the connection not good enough with our satellite most of the time. I have a new computer, tomorrow I will have hughesnet gen4. Grace has a couple of post cards but I told her to wait till she heard from Lexie with a new address. If I can figure out this "new google" stuff I will message you. I no longer have your email as well but mine is the same. Old computer finally ate all I had.


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