Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 11 - First Week Back


This is our first week back from our first two week break. We had a lot of fun on our break but it was time to get back to some learning. However that's a little harsh since we naturally learned the entire 2 weeks off! Funny how that happens isn't it?

We together reviewed our Classical Conversations Timeline & Motions.

We together learned about the Bible with my awesome husband leading every way. I'm so thankful that he has took this upon his self. I am proud to have a husband that helps me not only personally but in our schooling efforts. Homeschooling is for the entire family. I pray for the families that are doing it alone. He helps encourage me and I'm thankful.

We've started on our Chore System again. The jar method with all jobs inside and the kids just picking them out is working really great. I do think I am going to have to change the colors of the paper soon because they are going to memorize which jobs are on what colors! Kids! Having them help out at the new house is proving to be a reminder on why we always had this system before we moved! Change doesn't mean to change everything that was working! LOL - Moms! (rolling eyes of course)

If you didn't read the other week the kids decided what topics they would like to learn this next 8 weeks.
DS1 - Electricity/Power
Oil Production
First Planes & Automobiles

DD - Giant Pandas
Guinea Pigs

DS2 - Electricity/Power

The boys started on the Electricity/Power unit this week and they have really loved playing with our snap circuit set. We've had it for about a year but they never showed interest so of course I was thrilled when the Wild Brothers from Growing Up Wild helped spark that learning for me! They have had so much fun that DD who didn't want to learn about this sure has been around a lot during the building!

They have built a light, siren, voice activated music box and something else that is just on the tip of my tongue...

DD has started on her Giant Panda Study. We are using a few different pieces, Lapbook from Homeschool Share, Enchanted Learning and National Geographic.

 DD also started learning cursive. We are using the free sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Erica is always coming out with awesome things to use. Bless her for always sharing her work!

She is doing really great with her writing. She's actually enjoying it! Always refreshing to learn something new or introduce it and it actually be enjoyed. She's learned up to E this week. This is just a practice sheet that I've had her do daily when we've added another letter.  

 DD also had a huge accomplishment this week actually today!!!!!! 
She didn't miss not one single problem on her math!! She's been having a large problem with re-grouping or borrowing and so after a lot of extra work this week she did wonderful today! Very proud of my baby girl. Math is always going to be her enemy, but maybe just maybe we could keep getting better!

DS2 is chugging along great at his learning this first week back too!
I'm so proud of his ability to pay attention better lately. He's loving Shepherds Software's Math Games!

This is something new we started this week too. Again thanks to Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler for publishing this free resource that you can find on her blog! Its a sight word caterpillar! Isn't it just cute? Oh and he's the cutest little boy ever using it too!!!!!!!!!

This is Mr. Word by the end of the today. 
Mr. Word was developed when we got tired of saying lets go to Mr. Caterpillar today and read and see what we can add. It sounds cooler now, I was told. Also you may see that we have altered Erica's published freebie to suit our needs and our learning. These are all the words DS2 can read without sounding out. We will be adding more as we go. So look for updates!
Since I started this - this week I didn't do 1+1+1=1's So U Can Read unit this week. Next week we will have both.

This happened all week - We had a little to much fun with making the house a mess! This was a word relay race. DS2 had to find the word as fast as he could once I called it out and run it back to me! 

 Not only does my smallest enjoy Shepherds Software... My oldest does too! He loves the math games too!

 Doing great on his math from Math U See.

We had a great first this week as well. 
We joined our new homeschool group for our first field trip! 
We went to the Symphony!! We had a blast, it was about Storm Chasers and featured a short talk from the local meteorologist. The music reflected weather sounds. It was great. I enjoyed it a lot!

Sitting with their new friend. We also had the friend and mother ride along with us! It was a great treat. Also my grandmother joined us!

Just some miscellaneous fun!

As every week I'm sure I've missed something but this is our highlights from our week!



  1. This looks like a really fun week. I'm going to check out the freebies you mentioned. I don't think I've seen some of those, and I love to find free things. :-)

  2. Leah thanks for stopping by my blog! Freebies are always my favorite too!

  3. That's fun. I asked mine what they'd want to learn this year, and got a list, which I'm trying to include, but I like the idea of breaking that down to chunks of time. Might consider that for the future, so thanks for the inspiration!


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