Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 10 - Late! Last Break Week!

Last week was our last week of break, kinda why I'm late posting! We enjoyed our 2 week break so much. There are several things we had fun with last week. Just not any "real" school...

This week we have watched two documentaries and I might add I'm sad that we haven't done this since we moved. We watched The Last Lions. It was a wonderful journey of a Lioness and her cubs. It was sad but very rewarding in watching it all the way to the end. I cried and was so involved throughout the entire movie. So this was awesome because I don't like watching TV often. 

We also watched a documentary on the Ganges and Himalayas. It was very educational for us after learning a little about the area before ending our Classical Conversations before break.

I have planned some more of the kids units on what they requested. We will start out with DD learning Giant Pandas, DS2 will start with Electrical Circuits and an Electricity Unit. I am still undecided what I will start out with for DS1. I'm still trying to dig and find information on what he requested.

We have worked on Kinderbach some more this week.

More pictures of Election Night. My kids tracked electoral votes and also done the Election Lapbook from homeschool share. I posted about that here.

We enjoyed celebrating Friday at a local school my dad had been invited to attend in honor of Veterans Day. My dad severed in the National Guard 20 years. He was stationed in Iraq for 18 months and we missed him greatly. It was hard on my kids and my momma. We are glad he was allowed to come back to us, God protected him. However he has some awesome and horrible memories from serving in the war. He earned a Bronze Star while in service there. Which is a HUGE HONOR!!! I'm proud of my daddy. Thanks to any veteran! I appreciate your service!

Our pets have been a little spoiled the past 2 weeks.
 Take a look!

 Our 2 piggies!!

Henry the Hamster going for a ride.

Sorry I'm late however we really didn't have much to update. Just fun stuff. We are back to school and having fun this week!
Be Blessed this week and Bless someone!

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