Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visual Helps & Ideas For Right Brain Learners

I am really trying this visual stuff for my two sons. This is totally not the way I learn and obviously is out of my comfort zone but hey what are moms for? 

Visual issues aren’t really the problem with my boys, however the need for more visual appeal in our homeschooling is the issue at hand. I have asked and researched for the last month or so to try to understand what I could do to appeal more to my boys.

First off I tried to determine if what I already use with them is catering to the “visual” side at all.

Math U See: Yes it’s visual. It has hands on blocks to use with lessons. Problem; my oldest son doesn’t understand the fraction overlays so he begs not to use them. I also feel as if at our stage in learning the Math U See lessons are taking a longer method to teaching him, shortcuts aren't necessarily short cuts for him! My smallest son enjoys using the blocks so this is helpful. I must find another fraction product to use for my oldest.

All About Spelling: Yes it’s also visual. My children enjoy the moveable and interactive tiles that are with this. My oldest son has made much improvement using this program with his auditory processing disorder. HOWEVER he cannot remember hardly any of the rules. 

All About Reading: Yes too! My smallest son is the only one that uses this and he loves it until its time to read. He has a very difficult time still with basic phonic sounds.

Writing. We use no real curriculum product other than Writeshop Prompt cards. We enjoy this a lot. My boys have issues writing simply because it’s difficult for them. My smallest will normally pick cards and then draw a picture for his cards. This seems to work out the visual aspect of it. Recently I was brainstorming and thought about story webs and clouds. I will investigate this further for myself.

Flash Cards – This is something my oldest will actually beg for. He loves flash cards. Anytime I see some really pretty images on cards I try to purchase the set.

Sign Language was something that while in therapy he was exposed to and has learned it very quickly. He learned the American Sign Language alphabet and numbers to 20 in an hour AND RETAINED THEM! That’s the fastest the child has ever learned anything in his life! Needless to say I believe I will start trying harder to use sign language in our schooling. We use sign language and expressions in our Classical Conversations time line and he retains this information pretty well.

Montessori Materials has also come into our life within the last 2 years, ever since I started trying to get more hands on items for my oldest. I was introduced to the Montessori style and have tried to explore it here and there. The material is mostly hands on and normally has some pictures on cards such as the 3 part cards.

Posters are proven to help with visual aspects. I have purchased many posters and had them laminated at teacher stores just for my boys. I must admit I haven’t used as much as I need or should have but I’m going to get on that asap! Most the time they also have some neat information on the back of the posters for you to enjoy with the children.  Along with the posters are maps and globes. Everywhere we visit my children seek out a map. They love reading maps and my oldest enjoys geography. This is also something I must learn to cater to. I am perfectly fine with just reading about the issue or place but I’m not trying to teach myself am I?

Games. I use games for math, language, history well everything! We have file folders too. My children love games. Some of our favorites are Risk, Uno, Fraction Formula, Monopoly Jr., Math War and Banana grams. Games are always fun and entertaining and very visual.

I have just recently found a curriculum called Winston Grammar. It reminds me of All About Spelling. It’s for grammar and is very hands on. This is something I have just purchased and will be preparing to use soon with my children.

Most would think videos are great for visual learners however for my visual learners that also have issues with auditory and memory it’s not helpful. So please pay attention to YOUR child. This is a list that is helpful for all I feel but please study your child.

With all this said if you can think of more please comment and leave an idea for me and other readers.

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  1. What a great post! I love that you've evaluated your curriculum by learning style! Great to be part of the Crew with you, and new follower to your blog. Looking forward to reading more!


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