Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 16 - Break

This week we didn't do much "school" this is our holiday break! After all 3 days until Christmas!!
My kids are excited. We have baked and read Christmas stories. Watched Christmas movies which is always a favorite here!

We've made trips to see Christmas lights. We do this yearly and it never gets old.

My van has been in the garage this week and then yesterday hubby's car broke down. Luckily it was near his sisters home and she was able to bring him home. My dad saved us a large tow bill because he has a flat bed trailer and the car was able to be loaded onto it and took to the garage. The mechanic thinks it will be a fast fix because of the explanation my husband gave in order to repair. I also get my van back today!! Happy about that because when its gone I miss it!

I was able to visit with a dear friend that I miss so much since moving. I visited with her for an hour while my mother was at a work Christmas party. It was wonderful to see her.

Shopping... Yes yes yes. 

School work has been very minimal however I really wanted to push the kids along to finish their Math U See. DD and DS2 finished this week! I am so happy about this. We have been working on it for a while, longer than normal but we moved and the books arrived late in our schooling year simply because they where on back order. DS1 still has I think 6 weeks left.

We visited the library this week. I always guide them in trying to challenge them on the books they are picking. I was SHOCKED when my daughter came with The House On The Prairie. The book is huge and I was happy she choose it. She has read almost 9 chapters since Monday and that makes me very proud of her. She is  my reader and loves to do it.  

I was happy the world didn't end today because I have so much to live for!(he he)

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday with family. I pray that you all remember why we celebrate Christmas. I love our Lord so very much and am so blessed. Please remember you are too!

Merry Christmas Friends



  1. oh we are excited about Little House... we have it scheduled at the end of this year! Looks like you guys had a very productive Break Week tho! :)

  2. Merry Christmas! What a blessing it is to have an avid reader!


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