Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Christmas!!

This week was all about family. 
That's why there has been no posts. I appreciate my family time and encourage you too as well. We had a ton of blessings and great memories created this week. This is the first Christmas in our new home. This was also the first Christmas that we have been to our families homes. We lived to far away before we moved in July so its been wonderful to be a part of things we haven't before or well I did as a child but now my children are able to share the same memories I have as a child. I hope that your Christmas was wonderfully blessed! 

Here are some collages of our week:

No school anything this week!! Well I think I lied because DD has played the multiplication game on the fire a lot! She's loving it! 

We will start school back January 7th.  

I'm thankful all my family is over all the sickness we have battled for 3 weeks!! Thank you Jesus!


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