Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recipe - Easy Potato Soup

I can't seem to remember where the recipe actually came from however I can remember thinking I'm not so sure about using the chicken broth because the taste and I actually had a back up plan the first time I ever made it. I wasn't feeling well the first time I made it and it was easy and so I thought I am totally willing to take this chance.

I'm very happy that I did because I have made it lots of times since and it's a wonderful favorite that my kids ask for.

What's more comforting than soup? Personally to me Cheesecake but you know what I meant.

Your going to need:
1 large frozen bag of shredded hash-browns
2 cans of chicken broth or your homemade broth
1 onion, chopped small

Place all of that into the crock pot and cover with water, I also salt and pepper it at this point.
Turn the crock pot on and let it cook all day until Supper.

 week2025.jpg week2025

 Look how creamy!! I love this soup!

Not only is it easy but it's really cheap to make and serve. I mean the hash-browns are about $2.00 and then 1 onion and chicken broth is about $2.00 so for a meal to serve 5 with left overs for around $4.00 you can't beat that in my book!!!  


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  1. This looks so good, especially when it is about 18 degrees here! Crockpot recipes are always favorites of mine since homeschooling keeps me very busy and you can't beat it when it is inexpensive, too! :-) Thanks so much for linking up with Try a New Recipe Tuesday! I hope you will join us again!


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