Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 20

Wow has it really already been 20 weeks of schooling?????? 
How time flies.

This week has been really wonderful. I've been sick but still the week was great. Our new schedule is great. It’s a wonderful fit for us. In last week’s post I talked about unexpected guests and it kind of messed up the homeschool schedule I had ready for our new year.  Man we got a lot finished and accomplished this week. 

I'm going through some stomach/digestive issues. My big 3-0 is this Sunday and I feel as if I'm falling apart. Yes thirty isn't old but it is age defying to me. Personally it's a battle I've had for years, I actually cried when my husband turned thirty. Seriously I am having issues with my stomach that I can't control. At first I thought it was a virus. This started back in December and has stayed back and forth the entire time. I'm starting this week to keep a food journal and try to rule out what the issue is. The odd part is it started kind of out of the blue. It bothers me all night long; I'm not being able to sleep well. Cramps, like a washing machine in my stomach. I've tried not eating and well I love food so that didn't help and besides I kind of need food to live. Please pray the Lord will guide and heal my issues.

We are sharing a lot of our time in the mornings with Bible, Classical Conversations and Math. This again has worked out greatly this week. We really had some interesting Bible study this week. I had the kids make a few sketches during our talks and readings and this is just some of my favorites!

The pictures are about putting our treasures in the Lord. The other lesson was about are we pretending to be things we aren't, but for us to remember we can't fool God.

Classical Conversations for us this week was parts of a plant. We also learned new timeline motions to go with our timeline.

Don't even ask about that wild smile...

Kyle worked on his 17th Century Lapbook and made a pretty large dent in it this week. He has really enjoyed his Growing with Grammar and LLATL to my wild surprise. Hey - he is growing and changing. I'm not saying they are his favorite but he isn't grumbling in completing them!

Lexi has done really wonderful with everything. She loves school work and anything that involves us together! During her down time this week she enjoyed watching the rain. The porch is right in front of where she is looking out and the rain falls off of it onto the ground which is something she enjoyed watching! We've had a ton of rain this week. We also teamed together the first part of the week on Science with Lexi and Zachary learning about Birds. How and why they fly, why the land, about feathers, nests, food and their beaks. You will see her very pretty labeled bird.

Okay if you will look at the bottom of her page the lesson was asking her a question...

Why do you think the words you underlined 
start with a capitol letter? 
Her reply was - I do not know :)

I just laughed and then went back with her over why we capitalize the word Bible and He when speaking about our Lord.

Zachary wasn't too happy about this new schedule that was introduced Monday. When he looked at his and saw that it had a time until 2 in the evening he panicked. Really, he had a little fit. I was S H O C K E D. I just couldn't believe he reacted this way. It was kind of funny but sad all in one time. There are breaks and remember he can't read very well so he didn't know anything but from 9 till 2 was a long time! Bless his little heart.

 He loves his new math book. He really has enjoyed the selection of items to do on each page. This is a really great fit for him at this point in his learning.

 Reading time this week at different points... I love these moments best...

And last but NOT least. National Dress Your Pet Up Day was Monday. Simon would like to say thank you for letting Lexi know this valuable information.

He was a Cow-Boy for a few hours.

Also National Appreciate a Dragon Day was Thursday and we watched Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We love all Narnia movies and wish they would just go on and on. Perfect movie for the appreciation of a dragon!


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