Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY - Starburst Mirror

I've seen Starburst mirrors for a large penny however I will not pay over $60.00 for a mirror to decorate my home. I searched a few do it yourselvers blogs and came up with a way to go for it!

After a short trip to Wal-Mart for skewers and Micheal's for a candle plate because Wal-Mart was out. I had everything I needed and for under $8.00.

 I also used a hot temp glue gun. It uses a LOT of glue so don't be afraid to use it! Also Gorilla Glue over the hot glue to make certain that it wasn't going to move or break.

 This was my longest pieces. I marked them at 1 inch and glued them to establish my pattern.

 This was my final piece. I am very happy with it. It was a huge pain to paint the skewers! I read that newspaper or plastic wrap would work well and I used newspaper and cut it to size however it was hard! It did get some paint on the edges of my mirror but I took a few minutes and scraped it off with a knife.

I will say that I am planning on making another and I will paint the skewers before gluing them next time. That was a huge pain. The clean up was easy however took more time. I had never used Gorilla glue either and I will say its not my favorite but man did it make a firm hold. It expands so make sure you do not get to the edge of your mirror... Don't ask.

I love Do It Yourself projects!! Do you?


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