Thursday, February 14, 2013

PKU Recipes

I always have to cook 2 meals. If you have read my blog for any amount of time you realize that my oldest son is different. Kyle is 12 and at 3 weeks old we learned news that would forever change our life. Kyle has Phenylketonuria we call it PKU for short, which is a metabolic disease that limits his bodies ability to break down protein.

I have a large page about the condition here on my blog.

I want to start showing that even though he can't eat like the rest of my family that the child eats. We buy expensive PKU food to substutie in his meals. He has PKU noodles, PKU Eggs, PKU Hamburger, PKU Chicken, PKU Sausage, PKU Cheese, PKU Peanut Butter. The milk he drinks is also very important for his diet and is special for PKUers.

Recipe Time

Tattertot Casserole PKU Style
1/4 cup Clear Value Cheese = 1g
1/2 cup Cream of Mushroom = 1g
18 Tatertots = 4g
PKU Perspectives Hamburger x2 servings = 0

Total grams = 6
He gets 2 meals out of this recipe which makes it 3 grams of protein serving! Great intake!

week20001.jpg week20001

PKU noodles 2 servings = 0
PKU Perspectives Hamburger x1serving = 0
1 cup Salsa = 1g
1 serving of PKU power mix cheese = 1g

Total grams = 2 grams
He normally gets 2 servings out of this meal as well. Which is a huge deal of 1 grams per serving without toppings!

Sometimes he will add a little Clear Value Cheese to the top which is another 1 gram. Sometimes he will also add a serving of sour cream which adds more grams. 

As you can see I try to cook duplicates of what I am cooking for my family.
I will be sharing more as time allows.

If you are a PKU family please feel free to email me your recipes and I would love to feature them here!


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