Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 22

This week started out great to end crappy however always blessed.

The week was started with great focus on schooling and we actually got a lot complete for only schooling 3 days this week. 

 This week we allowed the Kindle Fire to be used for math. Kyle enjoyed playing a multiplication game that is similar to Tetris, which has always been my personal favorite!
 Zachary is practicing telling time skills with a really cute game. 

We are still moving along with our All About Spelling!! I'm so proud of our new schedule it is helping me be more responsible with teaching it and they are of course being able to move further along.

Zachary is doing very well with Handwriting without Tears. This is a review item that I will be posting in detail when the review period is over. He is doing some hand exercises with this and I am hopeful it will help with the reversals.

Zachary was working on the electrical circuits this week alone however he couldn't get the flood warning to work so when daddy got home he helped but it was still unsuccessful so he decided to build another because he is not a quitter!! Look at the light! It worked!! 

One happy little boy that this one was a success!


On a little nature outing this was found and we actually have no clue what it is. So if you think this is a familiar item please please comment and let us know what it is! I also have to comment on the absolutely cute hair do on my baby boy!

Weather this week was mother nature at her finest... Then she had a mood swing!

Playing outside at the beginning of the week was so wonderful. We enjoyed riding bikes and playing on the trampoline. Daddy played outside with the boys several times throwing football and the baseball.

Simon climbed in Lexi's bag and allowed her to carry him everywhere... She even rode her scooter with him in that bag. He is so spoiled!

 Picnic on the trampoline.

Look at my poor front yard. The bad thing is it actually had only been raining for 30 minutes at this point! 

Back yard!!

As I've mentioned, I've been having a lot of stomach issues. My doctor is still up the mountain so with us going 2 hours away we had to meet up with old best friends. We had some wonderful fellowship and playtime with our friends. We miss then so much. I never really understood how missing someone would feel but the Lord allowed me to feel it since July.

Wednesday I had to take the kids to the Doctor. Kyle has bronchitis and Alexis has an ear infection in both ears. They feel better today, which is why we didn't complete a lot of school this week. I also have been asking for you to please pray for me. I personally had some tests performed on me Thursday to see if I have some bad bacteria in my intestines or stomach. Results are suppose to be back Tuesday please pray for me and the results.

I hope you had a blessed week and I really appreciate you visiting our homeschool journey!

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  1. What is the name of the math app for the Kindle?

    Sorry for all the sickness- praying everyone gets well quick!


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