Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 23 - Late

This week was full of everything. Being busy isn't my style!

The week started with a Super Bowl party in the living room and well sad but our team wasn't the winner!

Bible lessons went very smooth this week and was a delight. We actually had some extra time this week in our lesson time and we finally made a prayer journal for each of us. Its so important to keep up with the many prayers that we have responsibility for. Kyle actually said "Mom I didn't realize we had so many things to pray for!"

 We had lots of play this week. I must remember they are still children not just my students! She got this awesome costume for Christmas because she is such a huge fan! 

We got all the floor finished!!!!!!!!! We've been in the house for 7 months and all the flooring is finished!! WOOHOO!!! I guess I can't technically say "all " but all that's getting hardwood!! So proud and thankful to my hubby! 

This is the boys room
Flooring done but not a complete room just yet.

National Pancake Day was this week and we love celebrating it!! This year we enjoyed homemade Banana Nut Pancakes and Strawberry!! We ate them for Lunch.

More All About Spelling Progress!! Still being intentional about getting this done! 

Zachary has done really well with his new reading finger! Lexi calls it a witch finger and enjoys playing with it! This is a new review item that I will be posting on soon! Look for it!! 

Zachary wanted to research Dinosaurs this week and so that's just what we did! We learned about two. The Leptoceratops and the Macroplata.
Lexi caught some free time that the boys didn't have the circuit set! She built an alarm!

More review items! We are really loving these cards from Lone Star Learning! I will be posting on this soon too! Wonderful for visual learners like my boys!

 Lexi playing under the bed in the hallway while doing the floor!! Just loved her face!

Hope you had a good week!! Time to start again!!

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  1. What a great week! Congratulations on getting your flooring done, too!


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