Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 24 - Late Yes Again!

I have to praise God first and foremost!! 
I'm feeling better finally! I feel normal for the first time in 3 months. The Dr gave me some stomach medication until we could do further testing. They are thinking I need an ultrasound, CT scan and X rays. I'm just so thankful that I've finally gotten relief and I am praying with not having insurance we will still be able to get to the bottom of why I've felt horrid the last 3 months!!

So schooling has been hit and miss for me lately. I haven't felt well so school gets started late and then I need to stop for myself to rest or I don't do extras. I'm just so thankful!

This week we progressed greatly in math for Lexi and Zac. They are really loving the Horizons Math but have asked about Math U See again since it's a review item for Kyle. 

We are almost with Geography A - Z. When we moved it kind of got placed to the side. So we are laying Classical Conversations aside for right now and moving to finish this and then we will move back to Roadtrip USA and complete that. The kids need to see that when we start something we will finish it. I kind of need to see the accomplishment from it too!

Lexi has loved her science from Apologia. If you missed our review of it please read about it here. She has really enjoyed looking and searching for birds, she spends every chance she gets outside to look and see what she can see that day.

Zachary has been doing really great with Handwriting Without Tears. I will be saying more on our review.

We updated several things this week within the house. 
- Kids finally have rugs in their rooms!!

- A new kitchen faucet

- Painted under the sink

- Finished the counter-tops so next step is back-splash!!

- Kevin helped and with his blessing we demolished the kitchen cabinets.

See the sarcasm?
- Last week my washer died, he was an old friend he served me well for 6 years. His new replacement came Thursday. I'm still getting used to the new one but good to be able to wash clothes!

Valentine's Day was wonderful. We celebrated by making sugar cookies! We had a homeschool party and enjoyed visiting with friends. Daddy and the kids made a wonderful snack Thursday for us to eat... Dipped strawberries!! They were awesome!

Friday our church hosted a Valentine's Dinner. We baked spaghetti and enjoyed playing games and a member from our church volunteered to watch all the kids!! So all the parents had a small date night! 

Cuddling on the couch watching basketball while snowing
Saturday we finally had a little white stuff!!! SNOW!! Not enough for the kids to play in but it was a wonderful sight for sore eyes. We haven't had any since moving into our new home so it was a nice sight. It didn't stick around long!

Today - Sunday my family came over and we ate hamburgers and enjoyed playing and talking together.


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  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better. You have been much busier than I would have been while sick. We had the flu the last two weeks of Jan. and hardly got anything accomplished. Blessings!


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