Monday, March 18, 2013

Easy Easter Craft

I am trying to incorporate more crafting in to our homeschool day. I tried to find some ideas on Pinterest during our 2 week break and found a wonderful selection!
I'm really bad at crafting with the kids. 2 boys aren't always interested but Lexi loves to draw, paint and do just about anything. Preparing for holidays is always an easy excuse to ask the boys to decorate and craft!

You probably have everything on hand already for this project. Those are always the best kind of crafts in my book!

White Paper or Card stock
Paint Tape or Masking Tape

First you will need to make a cross on your white paper with your tape.

 Next, we wrote with a black marker below the Cross. Each child wrote something different but along the lines of "He is Risen or He Lives" However the marker did run a little for my two smallest ones probably because of the amount of water that was used for the paint. If your trying this craft you might could use a black crayon to write with instead.

Allow the kids to paint the entire paper with color! 
No white allowed!

Let the paper dry. We waited until after our math lesson! About 30 minutes.

Peel the tape and you have a wonderful Easter picture to display.

Enjoy Friends!

What awesome Easter crafts are you doing?



  1. What a sweet and bright craft for Easter! I think it's always good when boys are willing to craft. Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter!

  2. It is so nice to see guys like you taking an interest in crafting well done I wish our kids were like you!!!


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