Friday, March 15, 2013

House Update - Hallway

When we moved in our new home in July I knew that I had to make the hallway special. 

It had ugly carpet that had to be removed before we could even move our stuff and kids in. The carpet was in horrible shape and smelled A W F U L.

Sadly, I didn't take a before picture because well we where in a HUGE hurry to get moved in after the repairs that needed made had finished. 

So the first update to the hallway was a simple paint. The color is a light gray color from Wal-Mart and helped to make the hallway look fresh and light.

Next update that has been finished is the awesome hardwood through out the entire house.

I knew that I needed to get something started so I searched pinterst for some ideas and came across a couple but then came to my own conclusion about needing the hallway to be full of pictures. My goal is to have pictures from 3 feet up to the ceiling. 

The hall light has been changed to a cute track light that is SUPER bright. No more not being able to see in the hallway! 

Also my DIY Sunburst Mirror is at the end of the hallway with a small table and lamp.

The only thing lacking in my hallway - actually the only thing lacking in the new house is the ceiling needing refinished. That will come with time because we have put that last on the list for now.

I think it made great use of a space that was almost unusable!! 

Do you have a hallway and if so what have you done to decorate it??


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