Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teach Creatively Blog Hop - Day 3

Today is day 3 of The Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Hop. We are talking about Toys, Games & Puzzles!


This is something that we do lots of in our homeschooling. Almost daily we are trying to learn by using games or puzzles. In this techno crazy world there are tons of useful games to play online or as an app for a device. This learning is new to us simply because my family doesn't have screen time a lot but since Christmas we got a Kindle and we have found some awesome apps for playing. 

The majority of them are freebies however there are some that are awesome enough to pay for!

For the Kindle:

 We also love games from Sheppard's Software! This is an all-time favorite for all my kids. They offer so many different topics.

Okay so enough about "tech" games because there are tons of ways to play along with your kids through puzzles and games without screen time!

 Zachary is playing Zookeeper's Nightmare! It's a strategy game!

 Matching words using 3 part cards.

 Computer time!

 Playing step on the words!

I have always thought that if you can teach your kids to learn in a fun way that they will always enjoy learning. I also think that the more fun you can incorporate into teaching and learning the less it feels like "school time".

I remember in our first years of homeschooling I wasn't very good at incorporating games into our learning simply because I didn't understand how or when to add them. As we got more comfy with the schooling aspect of this homeschool thing it came easy. I had to understand that just because I was teaching that it didn't always have to come from a text book! I'm not a public school teacher and I had to change the way I was taught to learn myself. 

 (Rhyming Cards)

Games, Toys and puzzles are fun for all!



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