Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teaching Creatively Blog Hop - Day 2

Today's blog hop topic is Schooling in the Kitchen


Personally this one comes as a challenge for me because when its cooking time I want nothing more than to hurry and get it finished or I have it in the crock pot preparing all day. However it's very important that I allow my kids in the kitchen with  me because it helps with skills they need to learn and have to thrive.

(My daughter loves helping me in the kitchen, these are two items she made for Christmas snacks. Peanut Butter Balls and Dipped Pretzels.)

Since this comes as a challenge for me I started making a set time once a week to just let them do something in the kitchen, whether it is making their own lunch or making kool-aid all the way to helping cut carrots to prepare for supper. If you will stop to think what are some easy things my kids can help me with, You will actually find a lot!

Let them help cut veggies and fruits.

Help make drinks such as tea or kool aid.

Let them set the table and decorate it.

Let them measure everything out in measuring cups or spoons.

Let them make a desert. This is something my kiddos love!

Letting your kids help in the kitchen will do a few things for your family:

1 - Build a relationship and team between you and the child.

2 - Help with self worth. Everyone likes to be wanted and to see they can do something great.

3 - Builds life skills.

4 - Teaching how they can provide for themselves.

(dipping strawberries and decorating them for a snack)
Around the holidays my kids are in the kitchen a lot!! We make cookies and cakes to share with family and friends and to enjoy ourselves, of course. But I know your asking how does this help with schooling?? 

Like I said above it helps build self esteem, relationships and skills. All that said, in cooking you have to measure ingredients and read to see the steps you must take in preparing the food to serve. Nothing huge and elaborate on the "schooling" front but still enough to be very important.

Go on over to The Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog and see how other homeschool mothers let their children help in the kitchen!


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