Monday, March 25, 2013

TOS Review - Adventus

My family has the awesome pleasure to review Adventus Piano Learning Software! The Adventus Company has several different options available for music! I was so shocked at the selection honestly! They have a program just for homeschoolers too! It's the Adventus MusIQ program which is for ages 4 - 18. The programs that are offered combine to be a full seven year piano program. The best part is that no matter what skill level you are at, they have a spot for you to jump right into!

2 of my kiddos, ages 7 and 9 are using Children's Music Journey Volume 1. This is recommended for ages 4 - 10. We are working our way through level 1. Both children are at different points because of course they are learning at different levels and advancing at different rates. That is one thing that is awesome about this program, I can have 2 kids using the same exact program and it's saving the progress on each one! 
To use this program you need one of two things:
A keyboard that has a MI DI port for an adapter to be plugged into your keyboard then to the computer USB port. This makes the keyboard interactive with the computer. I actually had to buy this for the review. I was willing because it was a very simple purchase. I got mine off Amazon and it was under $5.


You need to purchase the keyboard that Adventus sale. 
My kids are really enjoying the interactive aspect of the program. I was personally a little worried about the learning being on the computer because we have actually tried things like this before with not much success. Computer learning isn't a big hit with me because it's not something that keeps my kids attention normally... BUT this is different! The kids interact with each aspect of Children's Music Journey. It's almost like they have a real teacher on the other side of the screen. I love that even when they play wrong it will correct them and push them to try again! I have 3 kids so sitting in front of the computer mentoring them isn't something I can do 100% of the time with each so the program helping me in this aspect has been absolutely great!


Each level of Children's Music Journey has 25-35 lessons, just depends on which level you're on. I enjoy the background information that it presents the kids with on the Composers. My kids about lost it when they realized that Mr. Bach had 20 kids! They just couldn't get over that. Not only are they learning the piano but they are learning history about musical pieces. After each lesson they are directed to practice and then games are opened to reinforce skills taught.

From the website after all 3 levels have been completed the kids will have covered 95 lessons by 18 famous Composers!

Completed 95 practices with Miss Melody.

Played 150 learn to play songs.

Played 20 games to reinforce the theory they are learning.  

From my parent perspective I was very relieved to have a manual to help me along with what I needed to know for each lesson and what to help teach and reinforce. The lesson plans are awesome and complete with all information and actually more than I have been touching base with. I love the timeline on the composers. I just can't tell you how complete the lesson plans are.

I actually had to contact tech support two times during the review period. One time was for the MIDI connection because I couldn't get the connection established. They had me up and running within 3 minutes.  

Excellent customer service! 

The second time I had to call was because I was getting an error message popping up and not allowing me to move on. The issue ended up being because of an MP3 update that was all of a sudden interfering with the program and it only took them about 5 minutes to help me this time and we was back on track!

I love that my kids ASK to do piano!

You can check out the website for some videos on the program to better understand if this program would fit well for your family. 
There are several different ways to buy the software, You can pay a monthly subscription of $10.95 or each level is $89.95 if you do not get a bundle.

Our Schoolhouse Review Crew used different levels and different software with this review please go look at how each homeschool family used this in their home!



  1. How funny that you would review this and post about it today. I was just looking at the product myself.

  2. BethAnne - Honestly we have tried another program and it just wasn't for us so this has been perfect. After Zachary finished Math this morning I said Zac you may have a break and he said mom can I do my piano please.... So that should speak volumes!! I bet your girls would love it too!!


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