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TOS Review - Math U See

I have been using Math U See for several years now. I started when my oldest was having issues with being able to comprehend math problems because of the need of "seeing" the problems worked out. He was/is very visual and I wasn't great at math. I have used Math U See on and off for about 4 years with all 3 of my children. 

The Schoolhouse Review Crew was asked to review Math U See's new updated books and I was pleased to be chosen to review Zeta.

Zeta is being used by Kyle. He is 12 and has already used Math U See levels Delta and Epsilon before the review. Math U See sent us the complete set of Zeta including the 

Zeta Instruction Pack - Teacher Manual and the DVD lessons. $45.00

Zeta Student Pack - Student Workbook and Test booklet $30.00

You may be overwhelmed by the price but let me assure you that the prices are excellent for what you get. The Manipulative blocks are used for year's dependent upon where your child starts. Each one of my kids has used these in each level. Also the Algebra/Decimal Inserts are used over and over from this level on.

Zeta covers decimals, percent's and other topics. Here is the overview from their website.

Overall we have used Math U See levels:

Primer (Zachary)
Alpha (Zachary and Lexi)
Beta (Lexi)
Gamma (is coming for Lexi)
Delta (Kyle)
Epsilon (Kyle)

So Zeta was right in order for our need. As you can tell I have lots of experience with the Math U See publisher. I personally love them for several different reasons.

I am horrible at math. When we first decided to homeschool I thought how hard can Kindergarten math be... LOL it didn't stay kindergarten math level for long! I am scared to teach my children without something to help back me up for fear that I am going to teach it wrong. Math is a subject that needs to be taught in order and firmly. Math U See has re-taught me, honestly, steps that I missed during my school years. The best part of me fearing to teach math is the aspect of the DVD. It was actually the reason why I choose to go with the program in the first place all those years ago.

I love the DVD, probably my favorite of all. The DVD has been used several different ways in our home. Sometimes if the kids are having issues I watch it with them, pausing to help workout examples. I have watched it myself when preparing lessons that I wasn't good at and needed to make sure I could explain to Kyle. I also have allowed the kids to watch the lessons alone when I felt the topic was easy enough for them to grasp.

The way we have always used Math U See is starting with the lesson 1A, watch the DVD lesson and working through the introduction of A. If they understand the concept being taught and do well on A we just move on to lesson D and work from there the remainder of the lesson. Some lessons have went really fast as in 3 days for the topic others we have spend 2 weeks on. This is also something that I would like to point out. Math U See allows me to move at my child's pace. When they get the topic is when we move on!

I also want to tell you the difference in the updated books. I personally in other levels of Math U See, before the updates, needed more detail to explain the problems out to the kids. I needed more than the problem in steps and I am glad Math U See listened to parents like me because I can tell a huge difference in the new edition of Zeta's teacher manual that it has more explanations for me to be able to understand what I am teaching and to explain it better.

Other changes that you will notice if you have ever used Math U See before is extra activity pages for each lesson in the student workbooks, they are called "Application & Enrichment" for levels Primer through Zeta. These pages are useful for the practice of supplemental topics.

If you're new to Math U See you should understand that this company doesn't go by grade. Math U See is a company that teaches by concepts. They believe in mastery of facts to help move on, kind of like building blocks. This is a mastery program. Math U See works with manipulative blocks and other hands on items to help the student work out the problem to see it.

Again if you are new to Math U See please watch this Demonstration Video to understand more about the company.

I also want to mention a tool that has helped me for years that Math U See provides. They provide a Drills online application and my kids have used it many times to help with mastery of facts.


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.   


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