Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 26 - Late LOL...

Alright last week was a rushed week. We enjoyed last week greatly because it was the last week of our schooling! It's finally break time again!! We school 8 weeks and take 2 off year round and we could feel it was time for that break.

We really have enjoyed learning together and completing things together too! We only have one more lesson in our A-Z Geography! 

I think Lexi's favorite thing this week was her Bird Map from Apologia. She really had so much fun with this and the bird was so colorful!

Kyle received a wonderful shipment in the mail this week. His special PKU food order came. We only  have to order about every 3 months but he always loves getting it, especially if he's ran out of anything.

Kyle's been practicing a lot of his magic tricks since he gave up television for his Lent. I've been so proud of him. We had company this week for a ballgame and it was so cute, He sat down and was watching and all of a sudden he screamed " NO, I'm not suppose to watch T.V. and got up and ran out of the room." I laughed and then went to talk to him, see we don't make our children choose anything or enforce what they choose because that's between them and our Lord. 

We enjoyed reading our devotional one morning so much that we had a little art time. We drew what our crown might look like when we get to Heaven.

My two smallest babies got into an argument this week and I actually captured the make up session on my camera.

Everyone started piano lessons this week. Lexi got the most done. Everyone however has enjoyed it!

Weather has been hit and miss this week, cold to warm to rain to awesome sunshine. We have been able to play out side more and that makes us all happy. Spring will be here soon.
 Lexi caught Zac and I reading in bed.

Saturday I was blessed to have my brothers kids visit with us and stay for a few hours for some much needed play time and hugs.

We also got a huge present for our new house. 
I'm in love!!

We are starting our 2 week break today however we are still doing our Piano Suite lessons and Kyle is doing Math U See Zeta. The others have some small things to do as well but we are only taking every other day to do these review items because after all its break time!


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