Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 29

This was our first week back in the groove. We really enjoyed our 2 week break greatly. We had a lot of fun and the best part was Daddy had a week's vacation during that time and we finished up some of  our home projects and had lots of cuddle time on our new sofa.

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day and we celebrated with green muffins and at church they learned about the history of the holiday from a Christian perspective. 

There are a few new items thrown into our schedule:

- Zachary is playing baseball. This is his first year. Practice 2 times a week.

- Kyle is playing baseball. He hasn't played in a few years because of a bad experience with a couch and when he asked to play we totally was for it. Practice 2 times a week and its different than Zachary's...

 Daddy teaching them some basics...

- Lexi has started gymnastics. She use to take a class before we moved in July but we needed to get settled before we looked for us to join anywhere else. Class once a week.

Everyone is having a lot of fun at the new activities. The boys are in a tournament this weekend so I hope that the weather is nice for it.

Schooling this week has been really great. We kicked off the start of our 8 weeks with some crafting which was a nice addition because as many of you know I don't do that often but I have been trying hard to add more of "not me" items into schooling. I must remember I'm not schooling myself - Am I? 

We finished A - Z Geography and picked back up Road Trip USA and we completed a huge review on the North-East and on Alabama and completed Arkansas this week. We are having "catfish" tonight for supper since its a popular food for Arkansas.

Lexi has been doing really great with her LLATL lessons. She really loved this weeks lesson because it was about horses and learning about the body parts.

We have been digging into our Knights & Castles Lapbook. The review on that will be soon!

Kyle is doing great on Math U See, which is another review item and that will come soon too!!

Adventus is coming to a close. The review for that is coming Monday. The kids have really enjoyed that greatly. Please come back Monday to see how awesome the kids have done using 2 different programs from this company.

Zac has been doing a lot of sight word reviews. I am really trying to work him hard on his reading ability and this week he has done pretty good with me driving him hard on it. We also started ABeCeDarian's reading program and he loves this. He is actually requesting it over our normal program so I am taking his lead because of course I want and need him to enjoy it! 

Kyle has been helping me a lot in the kitchen preparing supper. Just this week he helped with grilled cheese's for lunch with soup and stuffed peppers which is Lexi's favorite! I'm thankful that he has took an interest in this. He has always been a helper but very glad that he is doing some things all by himself.

We also had a guest for lunch since supper is not a good time for her. My kids made my grandmother feel like a queen. They waited on her every move and decorated the table with Spring decor. We made her favorite meal and really enjoyed the time spent with her. This was the decoration that Zachary came up with.

We really had a wonderful week. I am always in prayer of our first week back simply because the routine is always a hard one to get back into after being lazy for 2 weeks. I was thankful for good hearts and nice pleasant attitudes this week. Everyone was helpful and eager to get back to schooling. I love my kids so much and love it when we can have a peaceful day. I am thankful to God for blessing me with them daily and a husband that tolerates and enjoys our homeschool life.



  1. We talk about who St. Patrick was every year :) Have you seen Lutfi's Fanciful Flannelgraph about him? It's great! Search for it on youtube. It's for elementary kids, but older ones love it too! We watch it every year with our girls.

  2. Oh my gosh I haven't had a stuffed pepper in years. I will have to make some soon. Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks. And I love your easter egg tree.

  3. I also am not much of a crafter so when they get to "make things" it is a great joy.

    Have a great next 8 week session!


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