Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 30

This week was a great week at schooling. I am just thankful what I thought was a stomach bug going to tear down my family only lasted in my husband one day and wasn't really that bad. Maybe it was the 100% grape juice I made everyone drink?

Together this week we completed another unit in our bible curriculum. I can't wait to really get into the New Testament with the kids.

We also learned about Florida and Georgia this week in Road Trip USA. We have really enjoyed doing this again and can't remember why I let this fall by the side of the road... Ohh wait life!

Alexis is still enjoying Apologia which was a Schoolhouse Review item that was talked about here. She had an experiment this week with a feather, water and oil. She loves the notebook journal still. She loves drawing and sketching inside it. She is learning her multiplication facts. Kyle helped drill her several different times this week, he also needed a refresher.

Kyle hadn't been doing really well in his science lessons so we took extra measures this unit and wrote out every vocabulary word and the meaning and also made some charts for helpful systems he needed to know. Learning comes harder for him and I want to make sure he learns ways and tricks to help him do better. Flash cards are his best friend. Not only does he enjoy them but he needs them! 

I've really been cracking down on every ones writing this week and for NOW ON. The simple errors I have let them by with long enough. I need to make them accountable even for the small punctuation mistakes. Kyle is in 7th grade and I feel like he needs to improve on his writing ability and he will not if I don't make him. He's not motivated when it comes to stuff like that so it's up to this mean homeschool mother, and which I think I've been a Drill Sargent this week...........

Adventus has been awesome this week too! I love it when I can find something that the kids beg to do! They have really been at it this week. I think after getting through the starting phase and they see they are playing notes and small songs have really motivated them greatly. Did you read my review on it? 

Zachary has been really moving through the ABeCeDarian reading program! I actually can't wait to post the review on this! I have always said how he has issues with reading and doesn't enjoy learning it. He normally feels defeated before he gets started. He hasn't felt that way with this which is a huge improvement. He is doing really great at his Handwriting Without Tears still. He loves this book. He is getting in to some sentences that are longer and it's challenging. 

We have started getting our new plants for spring and since we are finally in our forever home we really went all out this time. Kevin got all the plants that he's dreamed of before. My yard will be a small orchard! We love harvesting our own food. We have planted a garden for years and had an apple tree with grape vines at our rental home. With us having our own place he ordered a lot! The kids have been measuring the cold hardy kiwi plants since we got them, those little buggers are growing over an inch a day!!!! It's insane! The Greenhouse is also up! This was another purchase that we had been dreaming of making but was useless in our rental home on top of the weather conditions before we moved.

We finished a book study from Progeny Press - The Dragon's Hoard. That review will be coming soon! This was a really awesome book! We really enjoyed it this week. Their study guides are amazing. I have never had one of them but was very impressed!

Also been working on a Knight's lapbook review that will be posting next week! Lots of learning for this one, some really neat facts and details I never knew! Man to be a Knight was hard work! I always thought about it being so luxurious but it was far from that!

Last but not least was our family tradition of dying Easter eggs. I can't believe it's already the end of March!!! This is also the first time dying eggs in the house so it was different but so sweet and fun. 

I hope that each of you have a wonderfully blessed Easter day. I pray that you have understood how much our Lord loves you!! I am so happy he loved me!

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