Saturday, April 6, 2013

C is for Children

Oh the joy my children bring me. I can't imagine my life without each one of them. They each offer so many different aspects to our family. I am blessed to be a mother even though it started out rough! 

I became a mother at the age of 16 and all the odds and statistics were against me. Not many people know my story and that's alright because some of me isn't proud of it however Jesus has forgiven me and Kevin for the way we started and we now understand what and how we must live.

Kevin and I started dating while I was in high school. My parents had issues going on and I was seeking a safe haven so we got a little to comfy together and along came Kyle. We where already engaged, I know nuts at 16 but that's just how it was. I was so scared when I realized at 16 I was going to have a baby and be married. All of a sudden my comfy little world had changed. My friends didn't want anything to do with me. I had to study extra hard and work extra shifts just to try to save money for the things we would need. Kevin got a second job at this time too. Kevin is 4 years older than I so he already was out of high school and working a normal job.

Further along during this pregnancy I had to change to night school because I got a better job (at the same place) then had to stop when the Dr. asked me to stay off my feet. School wasn't going good so I quit that too. Kevin and I got married while I was 8 months pregnant, we wanted to be married when he came. Baby #1 came and I was so scared! I can remember thinking a baby doll is so totally not a comparison! Kevin and I were determined to beat the odds. After all we loved each other and wanted this child.

Kyle was 3 when we found out we would have another baby. Kevin and I had gotten used to this baby stuff and our life was geared around only him so the thought of another baby was fun and at the same time made me nervous. Would I be able to juggle two little ones?

Alexis made her mark on the world that July; I was so relieved to have this pregnancy over with. I was so HUGE and swollen because of the hot summer I was beyond ready for her to come and I guess she was beyond ready too because I was only in labor 20 minutes from start to finish! That has to be a record?!

Kyle was so loving and caring to her. He loved to sit and watch her no matter if she was crying or laughing he enjoyed his new role as a brother.

Kevin had just gotten a promotion and we ended up moving about the same time I found out wow - #3?? WHAT?? A third one? We in no way shape or form was prepared for another child. I honestly didn't want to go through this again. 2 was enough for me after all wasn't that the "acceptable" number?

My life was in turmoil for many reasons. Kevin and I where on opposite pages. I felt alone and forsaken with 2 children and 1 on the way with a new home, new town and no family within 2 hours of me. During this pregnancy I was very depressed but Glory is to God he showed me a better way!

Zachary came in the cold winter months and he and God warmed Kevin and my heart. We moved back close to family and enjoyed our three children.

Each of my children has their own personal story and I am honored to share it with everyone. Yes some of the feelings and situations aren't ideal but we made it! I love my children and I see qualities in them each daily that help me understand why God sent them to me to raise and care for until he can work in them.

I am thankful for my marriage surviving and for Kevin and I growing into loving parents for our children even when the world didn't want us to.

C is for Children...


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