Friday, April 12, 2013

D is for Daddy


D is for Daddy.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some Daddy's aren't blood but some are. Some walk away from their responsibilities but some don't. 

My husband is a great dad and provider to our kids.  He helps me greatly with the duties of being a parent. He helps me decide important decisions when I don't know the answer. The most important thing he has helped me with in the most recent years is teaching the kids. When Kevin is off from work he will help with our school day. On the days when I am having trouble teaching something that the kids need to understand he comes in from work and will help me and the kids understand it in a totally different way.

He is helping my children learn about their Godly father through him. This is so huge that sometimes it makes me scared but I know that God has went before me and laid all these things out perfectly.

I asked the kids some questions about Daddy and this was what they had to say:

What is your favorite game to play with Dad?

Zachary said he likes to do anything with Daddy
Kyle said playing ball
Alexis said playing Uno or coloring

What is his favorite color?

All the kids said blue

What is his favorite food?

Alexis said Key Lime Pie
Zachary said anything sweet
Kyle said chocolate

Where is Daddy's favorite place to go?

All 3 kids screamed - THE BEACH! 

The word "Daddy" makes me think of my sweet brother too. He is a great single Daddy. He took on that role unexpectedly but has really had grace and mercy throughout everything that happened for him to be the primary parent of two toddlers! He supports and raises them all alone. Jenna is 6 and Mattie is 4. They are the apple of his eye. I have seen him learn to cook, dress girls with tutu's and all and paint toe nails in the past 2 years. I am proud of him. He is a great Daddy and the girls will understand all he has sacrificed to raise them.

My brother and his 2 girls...

 A Great Family Starts With A Great Dad!



  1. Fantastic post!! Dads deserve to be recognized for all their love and hard work too! :)

  2. What a touching piece! I agree with Brittney, fathers deserve the recognition too!



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