Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 31 - Late

The weather has made me have spring fever and I haven't been in much and if so I've been busy which leads to no blog post! Or at least late ones!!

 New plants!!

School was great this week. Thursday we didn't really get a lot done because I was sick and then Friday we made a trip to see some family that was in from a long distance. 

So highlights would be:

Zachary and his reading! The new review on ABeCeDarian has been awesome, Please read it! He has loved this and we will continue using this instead of AAR. He is also doing great with subject / predicate along with fragments. Growing with Grammar is awesome! I'm so glad I finally found something that works for all 3 kids!

Kyle is doing great with Math U See Zeta. His writing is getting great too. A huge accomplishment this week was getting 100 on his grammar lesson! 

Alexis is having some issues with her Science so we are going slow with it at this point but she still enjoys it. She too is loving Growing with Grammar. 

Short and sweet simply because I'm in a hurry but can't stand moving on and starting the new week with out an update!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say OCD????

Our foster kitties are growing like little weeds. They are so spoiled but we love them and hope that Mercy Animal Rescue is happy with our help.

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