Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 32

This week has flown by, I have no idea how Friday came so fast...

Monday was Co-Op day with the homeschool group. I am teaching ages 9-10 about Space! Lexi is in my class and I hope that everyone is having fun. The Co-Op will go on the whole month of April.

Baseball practice and games have about driven me nuts! Don't get me wrong I love this time of year when it's gorgeous weather and the kids are playing but it's been busy! Having two kids playing sports and having to stay on the field hours daily has made it trying to say the least. I enjoy watching the kids play. It builds skills that they each need to prepare for the road ahead. I get so tickled at Zachary's team because they are so small and they are hilarious to watch out on the field while Kyle's team is awesome and I get so into the game that I have to remind myself we are not there to win we are out there to have fun... Is that bad?

School this week was a joke...

Monday - Co-Op then funeral then one baseball practice and then a game... I left the house at 9 am and didn't return home until 10:30pm

Tuesday - Hubby was off which means it brings the slacker out in me lol... We had to grocery shop that day but we did do school. We plowed through bible, math and grammar and out to play we went. The weather is great lately! And thankfully no ball!!

 Kyle has started Prefixes in AAS Level 4.

Wednesday - Field Trip for Education Day at the nearby minor league baseball field. We had a lot of fun besides it being so hot!! Kevin got sun burnt on his bald head and he looked like a red pepper! I tried to get him to rub some sun block on his head but he wouldn't... I think he wishes he would have listened to his lovely wife! Then we went to see a new baby addition in our family! She was beautiful! She was 7 lbs 1 oz and has the cutest lips ever! My cousin will be a wonderful momma.

Thursday - School was good. We got everything done that is on our schedule and you know that made me HAPPY! Then after supper it was time to rock. Zachary had a ball game at 6 and Kyle at 7:30. Zachary's team lost but Kyle's team won!

Friday - Really honestly how is it FRIDAY????
Today nothing is planned and that is the way it's going to stay. I will not leave this house unless it's an emergency!! Schooling is complete for the day and everything went wonderfully. Things are getting very busy and the weather is making it hard to sit in front of this computer! Oh, and we had another baby come into the family today! Baby Alexander was 9lbs, Momma, Daddy and baby are doing well.

Other News:

Zachary found this little guy while playing in the yard with daddy. Isn't he just the cutest?

Our 3 foster kitties are growing so fast. They are doing really well with the bottle however one is the biggest because he has no issues with the bottle! He is an eater! We have named them Maggie, Otis and Garfield. Maggie is the Calico and is so sweet, she's an explorer already. Their eyes opened last Sunday and they are already spoiled so badly that they do not want to stay in the box if they hear us!

 Zachary and Alexis got into a little fight this morning and she said something that hurt Zac's feelings and I didn't interfere because I told them they needed to work it out. Next thing I know Lexi said Zac I need to give you this and since he was mad at her he asked me to come read it and this was what it said...

How sweet and they are no longer angry with each other.

They had wanted to build another Volcano so guess what we built today?

My week was nuts but it was blessed!

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  1. Oh my, the turtle and the kitties are soooo cute! Your weather looks nice too...we had snow this week so we can only dream of sunshine and sunburns. :-)


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