Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 33


This week has been really busy with so much going on, this is the new normal which saddens me. I love baseball and CoOp but all of it at the same time is driving me nutty!

The week started out just with fun! We had a family baseball game (as if I haven't had my fill of baseball). My mom, dad, brother and his two girls came with my family to a local field and we played up a storm. We had the best time although the next day I think all of us was sore but it was worth it. My momma is so funny when she is doing stuff like this, She did get hurt but she was alright and it was a good thing because I had to lay on the ground laughing!! I know that's awful but you just had to see it, it was as if she was in slow motion and at first I thought she was playing until she hit the dirt. Love ya momma.

We have really been digging into Road Trip USA. We have covered North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee this week. We have really learned a lot by reading "If You Lived On The Underground Railroad". I love that the kids actually thought it was a railroad. Kyle knew better but the youngers didn't and to see their face and see them want to know why it was called that since it wasn't a railroad was delightful. 

While learning about Tennessee I asked the kids if they knew of anyone famous from the state and Zachary screamed " Betty Crocker " it was so funny! We all busted out laughing! He meant to say Davy Crockett!

(In the picture - Schooling on the trampoline and the cats attacked. Lexi with a volunteer at Mercy Animal Rescue Saturday while volunteering to help them. Zachary reading from ABeCeDarian, he only has one lesson left in level 1.)

The kids and I are starting to do science together now. For years I have combine the kids where I could to help with teaching topics and saving time but last year Kyle wanted to do things alone but since I am having to devote extra time to doing extra vocabulary and activities with him I figured I would try to include Zac and Lexi this week and I am relieved to say it worked great. So back to doing science together! Zac and Lexi are just joining in where Kyle and I were already. We had just started the new unit on reptiles so we will continue doing this until it doesn't work any longer. In case you don't know, Kyle has been using Christian Kids Explore - Biology.

(In picture - Kyle reading our science mystery for the day. Finally a hummingbird!! Daddy joining us for a science game about Alligators and Crocodiles.)

Monday we had tears in Math from Lexi. She struggles with math but has done really great since January using Horizons math. We had a very long day Monday because of CoOp and then coming in and doing our school work wasn't what she had in mind. Math wasn't the issue but she made it that way. I share this simply because everything isn't always peachy in our home.

We have done a lot of writing this week. I challenged Kyle to write a 2 page story and to my delight he did just that and it was a very good story with not to many errors to go over. Then the next day Lexi said "mom what's my challenge?" so I challenged her to write front and back of a paper and when she finished she had front and back and another front!! I was so happy with that. She did a really great story and again not to many errors to help fix. This is the best thing I have started doing with them. I let them write and then the next day we go over the items that need fixed with their paper covered and protected with a paper protector so I don't ruin their paper. This has worked so good!

 (In picture - Kyle made 100 on his grammar lesson! Kyle playing first base and they won! Flowers my darling daughter brought in to me. Lexi doing math.)

Lexi was also able to volunteer with Mercy Animal Rescue for a few hours on Saturday. We are fostering some kittens for them. They do not have a mother and we are bottle feeding them. Sadly we lost one this week. It was very hard to see him die but we loved him and understand life will happen.

We had a ton of nature encounters this week. While outside playing after school Thursday, Kevin and the kids ran across that little guy. He was only the size of a quarter and the funniest thing is that it isn't the same one from last week. Next up is Simon the cat, he is tightly fit into my flower pot on the porch?! Little Maggie Sue is eating up a storm. We love our foster kitties. See the hummingbird on the seat? 

How was your week? 

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Foster kitties...what fun! Thanks for sharing on the Homeschool Review.

  2. What a great week! Love the foster kitty picture but sad to hear that one didn't make it!


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