Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eye Can Art Review & Giveaway!!!

I was contacted by Eye Can Art to review a product of my choice. I quickly knew that my daughter would love the opportunity and so I asked her to look on the computer with me to decide which kit we would pick.

Eye Can Art company has 8 wonderful kits to pick from. The prices are great and the kits include everything you're going to need to have for the art lesson. The company has won multiple awards from parenting and educational platforms. One of my favorite facts about this company is that it's all made here in the United States!!

My daughter is 9 and loves to do crafts, art and color. She is like her momma and that's not a bad thing. She scrolled through the items on the Eye Can Art website and finally came to a choice. The Sketch - Foam Print Making Kit!! This kit came with all that was needed in order to start and finish our lesson. It was recommended for ages 5 to 95 and I would totally have to say anyone would have a blast using this. 

Upon opening the package I grabbed the instructions to the kit so that I could get familiar with everything. I loved how every supply was neatly packaged. Inside the guide it talked about reducing and reusing everyday items for art. It's a nice reminder to all the items that have double purposes. Within our kit it explained how paper plates could be used for our craft. We actually have foam within our kit for our lesson so it was a nice tie in. My daughter thought that was really neat and noticed it right away. The instructions are very clear and didn't leave me guessing as to what was next. Everything included was labeled for me so that I wouldn't get confused.

One of the days we used the kit she simply got a piece of foam and drew a cute little butterfly on it. She learned from one of the first times we used the kit not to push very hard on the foam or it would break a hole through it. Once she drew the butterfly she got the blue ink and paint over it. One of her favorite things to watch which I will add also drew the boys into the room was that the paint doesn't go into the lines... Except when you put to much on the roller! Don't ask why we know that... She then picked a sheet of colored paper and placed it on the foam that was painted and pushed down real hard. That's it!


I love doing projects but often get ready to do an art lesson and see that I don't have all the items I need. I can't stand that and this is an excellent solution! The price is very reasonable for it to include everything you need. The kit allows you enough material to make up to 14 projects for only $28.

Do you have that issue too? If so, I was given another set to giveaway TO ONE OF YOU!!

Open to US only.

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  1. I am now following your blog! (Fellow TOS crew member here!) I would love to win this, but more than that I am looking forward to following your blog! Your kiddos are about my kids' ages. (It's crazy that I have cruised for two years and STILL haven't gotten around to everyone's blogs!)

  2. My son would love this kit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My son loves all things art, and would love something like this!

  4. All three of my children would love this kit (and so would mom) as they all love to do different art versus their curriculum art.

  5. I have five children ages 1-16, we LOVE to craft together. This would be a great rainy day activity this summer!

  6. My kids love all things craft and I know they would enjoy this one as well!

  7. This really looks fun! My kids & I would have fun with this. Thanks for the giveaway!


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