Monday, May 6, 2013

Ideas To Save Money

Homeschooling is hard on a family. A lot of homeschool families have one supporter. I know personally from my journey how hard it is to supply items for our family with just one income.

Over the 7 years I have homeschooled I have learned a lot about saving money. I want to share several with you. Hopefully it will give you some ideas and be helpful.

1. Price Match
Many grocery stores will price match other ads. Wal-Mart is the main one that will do so. I know that my family goes through more food than most simply because we are home more than a normal family. Saving money on groceries is essential. Aldi is the best place for me to save money sometimes it even beats the price matching method hands down!

Bought these for $2.00 each at Goodwill.

Found this at a yard sale. This item retails for $89.95 and I paid $1.00

2. Yard Sales/Secondhand Stores
When my children are in need of anything from clothes, toys, furniture we shop yard sales, Goodwill and Thrift stores. You can always find awesome deals at them. You can bargain with the person and find really great used items that still have lots of life left in them. The main objective is that you will have to be patient! You might have to look a few days or weeks for just exactly what your looking for but I am sure that you will save money.

This was the last raid and the entire table was only $32.00

3.Discount Homeschool Stores
We have 3 awesome discount stores within 3 hours of us and when I am buying new homeschool material for the new year or even because we have finished a book or curriculum I always make my list on my needs and the hubster and I set out to hit them all in one day. Even if your just saving money on the teacher manual by it being used, it is still some money saved.

 Yes all the items on the counter where only $2.14

We go through file folders like crazy and printer paper the same! So when Staples has a 75% off coupon its the best sale ever!!! So a wonderful homeschool friend of mine gave me the heads up of the 75% off on file folders normally around $14.00 for just over $3.00. Then when I got in the store the customer in front of me had a coupon for 75% off any HP Paper and I about died for that coupon. The cashier was so wonderful because guess what -- She let me use the coupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the paper is normally around $40.00 and I paid right at $9.00. My total for this was just at $16.00.

4. Coupons
Second hand clothing stores if it is large enough normally have email lists to join and they will send out coupons by email. When shopping I always check online for coupons. I never go to Old Navy, Michael's or AC Moore without a coupon in hand. Our Sunday newspaper costs a $1.50 and is loaded with coupons. I normally can save up to $10.00 in items purchased with coupons. So obviously a 1.50 to get $10.00 of coupons is a deal.

5. Sale Unused Items
Every year I clean out items that my children have grown out of. If it is homeschool related I take it to the homeschool store I talked about above, when my husband and I go to shop I trade them in for a credit to use on the new items I need. I love this system. Another good idea is to have a yard sale with items you clean out annually. Children grow out of items so fast and a lot of times the items are barely used and still have a lot of life in them which can result in you making some of your money back with a little effort on your part.

6. Trade Services
If your good at something make it known! I used to trade my homemade candles for a lot of stuff. I have traded for birthday cakes for my children, jewelery for presents at Mother's Day and some pillows even! Don't be scared to tell someone that you have a craft. Ask the person you desire if they are willing to trade services!

7. Enter Giveaways
This will take some time but the pay off is awesome! There are so many giveaways that a homeschool parent can enter to get free items that it is a shame if you can't find at least 2 hours out of the week to enter them! 

8. Swagbucks
I have been using Swagbucks for 3 years and I will never be caught without them! Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you with points that you cash in. I always use my points to get the amazon gift card codes. I have redeemed over $350 on amazon for homeschool items. That's free money! If you want to sign up I am happy to say it is free. You can sign up here (this is a referral link).

9. Bundle Services
Make it a habit of every couple months to call your providers and ask for discounts to be applied. I know this sounds a little nutty but I have done this several times and each time I have saved $5 one call on TV service and one time I saved $15 a month because I took a survey on line for them.

10. Scratch Cooking
Don't shoot yet... This is really a helpful tool to save money on items that you use often. I personally make several quick mixes and store them in my gallon glass jars on my counter. I decided on what items I used a lot of and what was I  buying at the store every trip. Bread products mainly was what I came up with. I home make Tortillas, Biscuits, Cornbread and Brownie mixes just to name a few. Not only is it healthier but the cost is so minimal when you mix together for a larger quantity. 

11. Menu Planning
This helps me save money a lot. If I have a plan on what we are going to be eating it helps me to make sure I don't put items in "just because". If I have a plan I will not be wasting money on items I will not be using. It also helps me to stay on track for my days when I already know in the morning what will be for supper. I like the feeling of not having to throw something together for my family. If you will get the local papers and go off of what is on sale it will also be helpful to save and plan before you shop.

Other members of The Schoolhouse Review Crew posted on how to be frugal! Go check it out!  




  1. I also never enter A.C. Moore without a coupon! Plus, most arts & craft stores (and book stores) offer educator discounts that apply to homeschoolers too!

  2. This was very informative, thanks for this.

  3. We don't have a Staples but homeschoolers can join MaxPerks Teachers program. We wait until they offer paper by the case for $30 and get $28 back in Maxperks that we can spend on toner or other school supplies. We also get $2 in Maxperks every time we take in an empty toner cartridge for recyclying

  4. We don't have a Staples but homeschoolers can join MaxPerks Teachers program. We wait until they offer paper by the case for $30 and get $28 back in Maxperks that we can spend on toner or other school supplies. We also get $2 in Maxperks every time we take in an empty toner cartridge for recyclying

  5. We don't have Staples nearby, but homeschoolers can sign up for the Maxperks Teachers program. We get special deals like buy a case of paper for $30 and get $28 back in Maxperks that we can spend on toner or other school supplies. We also get $2 in rewards for every empty toner cartridge we bring in.

  6. I wanted to share this post for the crew blog post task, but can't find a share to facebook button. :-(

  7. We have that mummy one and my middle daughter loves it, anything Egypt. I almost bought the other Egypt themed one at a used sale but someone grabbed it before I could :(


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