Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 36


This week has been one that went by fast. Kevin went back to work this week and that got us back on our normal routine. When daddy is home we normally get side tracked because boys will be boys! Hey that's one of those perks to homeschooling - We make time for Daddy!

We have been working on the continents and we have so far covered; North America, South America, Asia and Africa. My kids have had a lot of fun learning the neat facts about each place. It's nice to see them actually relate the similarities from our continent to the others. We are notebooking this which we hadn't done in a long time.

We have also been looking at our body. We have learned the main systems of our body and that we are made up of 206 bones. We have done some copywork and also labeled some parts of our body. Next week we are going to add in joints.

We have had an awesome time working on our art review! I tell you this has really been different for our family, we have never used a product like this and I love the way all 3 kids have really enjoyed it. They actually have just requested to watch the story part of the lesson! Review will be coming soon!

Math has been good this week, since we have been moving along really well we took a break from the book a few times. We played fraction domino's, matching time clocks, flash cards just to name a few.

I'm glad to see Kyle really take an interest in reading about missionaries! David Livingstone is who he is learning about now.

I hope you had a great week and homeschool mother's I hope you have a blessed and happy Mother's Day!




  1. Sounds like an awesome week!

    What book is he reading about missionaries? My cousin is looking for some good ones for her daughter.


  2. Is that a Christian Heroes Book? We have the C.S. Lewis one on order for my son next year. It looked good to me but I had to order it in so I couldn't flip through it first. He read all of the Narnia series this year so I fought it would be a good one to use.



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