Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 37

Our week was a great week of learning with little disruptions! We needed a regular week after finishing up coop and then having Kevin on vacation. Spring is in the air at the Arrowood house and we are in love with the warmer temperatures and gardening that has come.

Daddy playing with our foster kitties, I think we are to attached...

This week Kyle had some issues with his Math U See lesson on decimals. We worked all week but I'm still not 100 % certain that we will move on just yet. Working until he has it is something that I pride myself on, no leaving my babies behind. In Growing with Grammar this week he had a huge review and done great. He is missing some small linking verbs which will come as we progress in units. 

Together in our science (Christian Kids Explore - Biology) we learned the differences and similarities between Wasps and Bees. That was fun because this momma honestly didn't know them! I also learned this week. We made a graph to display for a few weeks like our Butterfly Vs. Moth chart last week.

My darling daughter had a really great week in learning and the best part was she had fun. She reviewed math facts a lot this week on the Kindle and using Math U See's online drill page. This week she learned a lot about Lions (her pick) and could tell me some really interesting things about them. She had a great day making 100 on her Growing with Grammar lesson!! Woohoo!! 

Daddy was off Wednesday and while we cleaned out the basement and done some gardening she decided she would try to sale some bracelits she has made (yes that's not spelled right but that was what was wrote on her sign). She sat in our front yard for about an hour and a half and only 3 of our neighbors went by, we live on a country road where not many people go by. I applaud her effort and thought. My little crafter just can't help herself, after all she shares the same blood as her momma. My parents could tell some really bad - embarrassing stories on me! So if you ever get the pleasure to meet them please don't ask!

My baby boy is growing up and learning is coming easier thanks to finally getting the right fitting curriculum for him! Handwriting Without Tears has been an awesome fit for him. He likes the fun little activities with writing instead of it just being copywork. I loved his coloring choices for the sea animals. Growing with Grammar is another awesome fit for all 3 kids but this being the first "grammar" that he has used it is really perfect for him. He has been learning sentence types and doing great with it. Subject predicates is something that I really thought he would have an issue with, but man was I wrong. I think he understands it better than the older ones! Another reason to try different resources if something isn't working!

Zachary worked on math facts this week a lot too. He mainly used Math U See's online drill page after doing his regular math lesson for the day.

I have to take another moment and point out that in the bottom picture he is reading thanks to ABeCeDarian Reading Program! I love that program so much and am thankful that it was a review item from the crew! He has made a huge 360 by using this program. I can't thank them enough.

We have one child that has totally memorized the Lord's prayer using a really fun review item that I will be posting soon. We also started using Memoria Press Geography 1 for a review item this week and so far it is really fun and detailed. IEW came late this week and over the weekend I am going to familiarize myself with it to start next week.

I hope that you had a blessed week. I thank you for stoppin' by!


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