Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning about Sharks

This year we have been using Christian Kids Explore - Biology from Bright Ideas Press. Additionally I also bought the e-book for extra printable ability!

The year started with just Kyle our oldest using this but almost half way through the year we changed to everyone doing this. My kids ages 8, 9 and 12 have gotten a LOT out of this book! We are almost finished with our year and with the book. I wanted to share our last unit with you so you could see what a great publisher this is!

I actually already have in hand Christian Kids Explore - Chemistry!!!!! (yikes)

Our last unit has been Water Creatures. The lessons have been broken down into mollusks, sharks, crustaceans, fresh water and amphibians.

With having boys you could guess that learning about sharks is cool! My girl enjoys anything animal related so this book has really been a great fit for everyone and we are sad to see it coming to an end.

The lessons are broken down into small chunks which have been really good for my kids. I like that it's a grab and go book for me the parent. The book has 35 lessons within 8 units. A lesson is designed to last one week. We do a lesson in about 30-45 minutes. 

We begin by talking about the vocabulary for the unit. Then after understanding the words we move on to reading the text that starts the lesson. At the beginning of each unit there is a nice coloring sheet that my kids have really enjoyed. After the teaching time for the lesson there is a hands on time also. The hands on time lessons have been very simple and I've not had to prepare many supplies at all throughout the entire book.

Here is a little peek into how some of our lesson went on SHARKS!

We read the text and I asked the kids to take notes on the most important facts.

Then we measured the length of 6 sharks. We started at the same place each shark and we made index card markers so that we could see the difference in each one.

After that was complete I asked the kids to walk me back through our lesson, Kyle volunteered to do this:

Just wanted to show how much fun we have been able to have with Christian Kids Explore - Biology. This is not a review that I was asked to do or given anything for. I bought the book and just wanted to share our day using it!