Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 42


This was our first week back from break. That week is always kind of hard however this week was great!! Awesome way to start back. I think it has something to do with finishing up projects and knowing we had a refreshing break. This is our last 8 weeks of our school year and we are so excited to finish up and take our annual testing our state requires and look at all our accomplishments for the year.

 We started our week by making Banana Bread for breakfast and for a neighbor who needed a pick me up after an accident. All the kids helped and I posted the recipe here.

We finished up If you traveled on The Underground Railroad and finished up the Southeast region in our Road Trip USA study. Next week we will be moving forward with the Midwest!

Lexi is moving along in her Learning Language Arts Through Literature and learning many new skills each day. She has never had to look up definitions and figured out that its not hard to do so! She is having a blast learning with Moving Beyond The Page study that is for review on Helen Keller. She is really enjoying everything there is about it!

 Zachary is moving pretty fast with reading this week. He completed one whole unit. He is having harder words and learning how to blend sounds like "sh" "ch" and its coming easier to him which is an answered prayer.

Zachary also started learning his multiplication facts this week, YIKES!! 2 kids learning these at the same time, I guess I should be happy that I can teach them together but it's overwhelming!

We are still using Adventus - Children's Music Journey. Lexi is on Volume 2! Zachary is still going through Volume 1. They are doing awesome and here is our review on it if your interested in reading about it. Its a great product to have.

 Kyle is learning about WW1 & WW2 using our latest review from Moving Beyond The Page! I can't wait to post updates on this because both my kids are loving the curriculum and sadly I am almost out of the item.

Daddy is sitting at the table reading one of Kyle's books that came along with his WW1 & WW2 kit, he found it very interesting.

Another review item we are moving through is IEW, my oldest two children are learning a structured way of writing and I must say that the instructor is a hoot!! My kids laugh often through each lesson, they enjoy this so far. 

 Monday while the olders where doing their writing lesson Zachary was designing a t-shirt for a fossil hunter, Didn't he do great!

Zachary was also invited to be on the county all star baseball team and he is so happy about it. This is his first year playing and I think that's really awesome that he was asked. A true honor.

Look what we have... Yes we hatched them out and they are so cute - 2 days old.

What can I say?? 
Other than our foster kitties are interested in the new creatures that invaded! The foster babies are probably getting a new home this weekend at the adoption. This is a hard decision but it is just for the best. We helped when asked and we made it very clear to the children we where only helping. It's time to let them have their forever home.

I have several projects that I'm working on since it's gotten warmer. I finished painting our bedroom along with the bathroom touch ups. I was gifted an outside table that I am going to be painting and adding new fabric to the cushions. I hope to have that complete this weekend. 

I have a beautiful table cloth that I can't wait to get on the table! We plan to do some school work on the table as well as lunch and sometimes supper if temperatures allow.
I hope your week was blessed. 

Please pray for my family, my husband has an important decision to make and we desire prayers.



  1. Awww the chicks are so cute! My kids would love it if I were cool like you.

    It's amazing how a 50 minute writing lesson can go by so quickly with some humor., isn't it?

  2. We live in the Midwest! When you virtually pass through Missouri on your Road Trip I'll give you a wave. Bring the chicks--I need them to eat up all the ticks in my yard.

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  4. We get our eggs on July 2nd and our chicks should hatch around the 8th. The kids are so excited, as this will be our first time doing this. Our university extension center loans us the incubator, provides the eggs, and a life cycle curriculum, so it will be so cool!

    How do you like Road Trip USA? We are planning to use it next year.

  5. Love banana bread and the chicks are so cute. :)

  6. What a beautiful nook for outdoor learning! And chicks! How fun is that?!?

    Praying for that decision.

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with the table set. :)How can you go wrong when school involved banana bread? Looks like some neat learning going on. :)

  8. Don't you love it when they really pick up on learning and take such great strides? And the peeps? Oh so cute! We hope to have chickens next year.

  9. Banana bread-- yummy! I recently revisited Adventus, too.


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