Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 43

This week was a long but great week and always a blessing.

Together we had great talks about our prayer journal this week. We added lots of new things in each of ours. We had great discussions about history. We also had a lot of fun playing USA Bingo to wrap up learning 3 new states this week in our Roadtrip USA. We had lots of fun with our Biology lessons and I actually posted about our shark unit here. We also had a nice lunch outside which was a wonderful change.

Zachary had a full week. We started our unit studies back and I picked Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel to start us back right. We had a lot of fun with it and I have a whole post dedicated to it that I will share Tuesday. 

He is amazing me with his ability to learn his multiplication facts! I personally think it's bothering Lexi because she is learning the same thing. Everything is coming together for him finally with reading. I could not give more praise to God for answering my prayers and to ABeCeDarian's Reading Program!

Zachary's doing great at learning the differences between verbs and nouns. He is writing without me telling him the sounds to spell the words this week! Huge improvement.


She is really enjoying her Prescripts writing book that I have for review. She is learning how to make her cursive letters flow easier. She really enjoyed our science lessons this week. All my kids have a heart for the ocean life, so this week has been right on par for what they long to know. The shell I.D. was hard but she had fun learning the differences between the shells. She has a snail new in her aquarium so that was a huge treat to figure out what he was.

I had been a little worried about her LLATL lessons but she really paid close attention to every detail this week and didn't miss anything all week long! I'm not having to explain definitions as much, I guess she is finally absorbing the terms!

Lexi is having a lot of fun learning about Helen Keller with Moving Beyond the Page. She actually asked if she could read to Zachary at the beginning of the week. She liked how she learned that Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor but also helped develop ways for deaf people to be helped.

We had a free day Wednesday because a special visit from Lexi's new friend. We spent the day playing with animals, eating the lunch she requested and then went for a swim. Lexi said it was a wonderful day!


I learned a lot personally about WWI and WWII this week helping Kyle with his studies. We talked a lot about this. He had a lot of questions about why things happened while we read a book. He had some writing fun this week. We absolutely are in love with IEW. Never would I have imagined that it would be such a wonderful fit for my kids. I have always failed at teaching structured writing and I couldn't be happier that they ask if its writing time. As well as laughing at the teacher!

Daddy had to help Kyle this week with some math skills that I couldn't do well. I am thankful for a husband that is 1 - Good at math and 2 - helpful! Daddy's help worked great for Kyle and he no longer had any issues.

We are reviweing some basic math facts with Kyle this coming week just because we feel that is some of the issues on him having some small problems. Review is only a good thing!

 Friday we had a field trip to a zoo with our new church! The kids had a blast. We enjoyed seeing some rare animals up close and the weather that day was great. My parents went and took my nieces so it was a great family day.

Saturday was our homeschool field day the weather was really wonderful today with a nice breeze. All my kids had a blast. Kyle had talked some trash all week long about winning and well he did at least deliver. He won 3 running events and 2 other 1st place finishes. Alexis won 4 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place. Zachary finished 2 events in 1st place and 1 2nd place. I am still puzzled as to how I got suckered into cooking on the grill about 100 hot dogs and almost 60 hamburgers. I'm just glad it was good because everyone was starving!


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  1. We are also loving Prescripts and enjoying Moving Beyond the Page. It sounds like you had a good week. :-)


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