Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 44

This week was fast paced and lots of running so it was not my kind of week at all.

Baseball is going to be the death of me. I was happy during the regular season but Kevin allowed Zachary to join the All Star team and it has ran me to death. Practice a lot and for almost 2 and a half hours 2 or 3 days a week on top of the games that where an hour and 10 minutes away. Sadly his team lost and since it was double elimination they are out. They did have a locked spot for state finals and thankfully they are in our home town this year. No more traveling but still practice.

The week started nutty. On Monday we had a very eventful day. The boys where playing a game they "made up" and all of a sudden I heard breaking of glass and it totally freaked me out and I don't remember going down the steps to them but I was there! Looking at the fluorescent light in a thousand pieces. They started apologizing and saying "sorry momma" but I was just worried about who was hurt. No one was, thankfully.

Then I was mowing and since we have a huge picture window as our living room window I never mow toward the house so to my amazement after mowing Zachary comes running and said "momma look at this on the door, what happened?"

I didn't even want to go look but I was glad it wasn't the window!

The best thing that happened Monday was we finished Christian Kids Explore - Biology! We have loved this curriculum and already have Christian Kids Explore - Chemistry to start in September.

Zachary has done wonderful this week with his multiplication facts. I am so surprised at his progress. He is using MUS Delta with Lexi. We are sharing the lessons and they are lesson 4 at the end of the week. He is reading so much better. However this week he really struggled with his spelling words. We will review them next week too.

Alexis has had some issues with Zachary doing the same math as her but I explained that he will slow down once it gets to harder facts. She finished her Helen Keller unit Monday as well and I tell you she loved that unit study from Moving Beyond the Page! Another review item she is liking is PreScripts from Classical Conversations. She said this week " mom I didn't realize this was Classical Conversations, no wonder its so awesome." See she loves the songs and memory verses from CC. Also I am going to praise her for getting a 100 on her Grammar lesson!

Kyle was a busy beaver this week. He completed 2 lessons in Math, it was really just clicking with him and I allowed him to keep moving. He is almost finished with his Christian Hero's book about David Livingstone. He also is still enjoying his WWI & WWII study, its just taking him longer than the review period wanted but I have no personal problem with the time.

Saturday was an extremely long day. The kids and I left for a ball game bright and early at 10:30. We hurried home to change into church clothes and made great time at 4 mintues in the house then we came running back to the car to hurry and meet Daddy at work 30 minutes away to drive 2 hours for him to preach. Preaching was wonderful. Afterwards we stopped to eat at Olive Garden and the town was shooting fireworks that we got to enjoy! The babies fell asleep fast!

Hope your week was wonderful!

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  1. Our kids are really loving Prescripts as well! I'm so glad we had the chance to review it!


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