Saturday, July 6, 2013

Giveaway - Schoolhouse Planner!!!

Today I have a wonderful giveaway for any homeschooler! 
There is always a need for better organization and that is where this awesome Schoolhouse Planner comes in!

The new school year is just around the corner for us personally. I love all the forms that are included. You will find everything you need to help simplify your daily tasks and planning outlines for longer stretches.


I am hosting a giveaway for one person to win one copy of the 800-page Schoolhouse Planner and the winner's choice of one of the Student Planners (there are 4 -- Primary, Middle School, High School, and Special Learners).

Let's talk about each planner so you understand which one is best for you and your students.

Inside your going to find some helpful articles by homeschooling experts like Kim Kautzer, Dr. Mary Hood, and Cindy Wiggers, and some from regular ol' homeschool momma's like us!

This is the "Big Mama" planner because it consists of over 800 pages of forms like field trip forms, planning pages, calendars. Inside are also lists including topics you might find interesting and helpful such as the books of the Bible, spelling rules and a list of the Presidents!

However my favorite has always  been the household charts. My single favorite item has always been the meal planning chart!

You can buy this for $39

Special Learners Schoolhouse Planner

Homeschooling a special needs child takes so much more out of your time for planning so this is perfect to help you save time.

Inside you will find  helpful articles written by special needs experts. This also has planning pages and household charts. Includes medical and therapy forms and food diaries. 

This is $29

Primary Schoolhouse Planner

This planner is helpful for teaching your kids skills they need to get organized for themselves.

Inside they will find articles written just for them! They will find grammar rules, story starters, math tables and lists of award winning books. I love that inside they will find recipes because my kids love to help in the kitchen and this will help spark any chef to create!

You can buy this for $9.95

Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner

This planner is for your middle schooler grades 5th to 8th. This is meant to help them gain time management skills and learn planning for themselves. Inside they will find articles written just for them and planning sheets and calendars for them to take ownership of their year!

One of my favorite resources within this planner is the Bible reading schedule. My son will actually be using this starting in September.

You can buy this for $19.

High School Schoolhouse Planner

This is a great preparation for your high schooler grades 9th - 12th to develop organizational skills needed for after high school and daily life.

Inside the planner their are articles written by homeschool graduates for helping with college planning and deciding what to study in high school. There are also checklists for tracking scholarship information and tracking community service time.

You can buy this for $29

Okay maybe you understand which one would work best in your homeschool now!

Just in-case you have been trying to decide if a membership to the would be worth it - These planners are free for subscribers! $3 for the first month, $12.95 per month thereafter. You will gain access to the Planners immediately upon joining

Now enter to win your pick!

Details about the Giveaway:
This giveaway will run from July 6st - July 13. 
Only for residents of the United States. 
Upon Rafflecopter picking the winner I will need confirmation within 48 hours of sending you an email of I will go to the next person.

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I have been given membership to,  which includes access to the Schoolhouse Planners.



  1. So hard to pick one. I could use the special needs planner or the intermediate planner, but would probably choose the intermediate one because I could use it with all of my kids.

  2. I would probably try the primary planner since my oldest is in 4th grade:)

  3. I would want the primary school planner we have a 1st and 3rd grader. Great giveaway!

  4. Great giveaway! I am a homeschool mom who knows how important an awesome planner is! Would love a primary one!


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