Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Things I wish I knew before I started homeschooling...

I have been homeschooling 9 years this August and time and life has changed so many times over the years. When I started homeschooling my family didn't even have internet! Learning the ropes was extremely hard and unforgiving.

Here are a few things I've learned over the years:

1.Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

2. You don't have to answer the phone in the middle of a lesson - Nor feel guilty about it.

3. A meal plan is your friend.

4. Teaching reading is normally hard! Not for my daughter but extremely hard for my boys.

5. The house isn't going to be clean - it's lived in 24 hours out of the day!

6. Every family is different which is why every homeschool is different.

7. There is a period of trail and error or years of it.

8. I wish I would of known my kids learning styles before I got started homeschooling.

9. Training your children for manners takes time and patience.

10. Price for curriculum doesn't make it good or useable by your family.

11. Kids can play and learn.

12. Mom your going to have to find a balance between being teacher and being mom.

13. Your local library is a wonderful resource.

14. Your going to have comments that are rude, just smile or have a nifty comeback prepared.

15. Try different ways of learning, unit studies, classical, notebooking, lapbooking this way you learn what your children like and what they don't.

16. Make time for yourself. I get it by waking up early. 

17. Friends are important, especially on a bad day.

18. Your going to think your messing up at some point so keep a notebook or journal of all the great obstacles you have overcome.

19. You are homeschooling and for that fact you do not have to follow any ones schedule - Make your own!

20. Make time for your husband DAILY!

I have tons more but those are the most common concerns I can remember having over the years!

Blessings ~


  1. Nice list - I agree with everything on it! It's so easy to get overwhelmed trying to "do it all" or follow someone else's "perfect" schedule. But every family is unique and needs to find the groove that fits them.

  2. This is a great list; so many things to remind myself of - meal planning is a must, every family is different, and finding a balance between mom and teacher.

  3. Great list! In the beginning I would get so discouraged looking at what "everyone else" was doing that I wasn't. I need time to myself too..mine is each night. My kiddos go to bed early so...I get about 3 hours each night! It is necessary to my sanity! :)

  4. Sharing this for you on my blog FB page. This is a great list for newbies and a good reminder for us old folks! ;) Thanks Kayla!

  5. I love your list about things you wish you knew! And yeah, I hardly ever post recipes, but when I do they get great views- haha. We are a bunch of foodies ; ). Happy New Year, Friend!


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