Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 46

Our school year is coming to a close and with that we are finishing up some of our curriculum and just reviewing. Glad that our schedule is not as full because we have had less children certain days because of friends and traveling so that has worked out well.

This week Lexi was gone until Wednesday. She enjoyed much needed time with our long lost best friends from 2 hours away. We love that family so very much it was just hard to bring her back home. 

Schooling this week didn't go as I had hoped. Some of the reason was because it's hard to complete items that we do together when we are a man down!

Roadtrip USA was something that we completed 2 more states in this week.

Lexi and Zachary are doing great with MUS Gamma. They are on lesson 6!! Moving right along still with multiplication facts!

Lexi finished up another unit in LLATL. Her unit was on Paris and she has walked around all week with her new found vocabulary!

Just a favorite from reading time

Kyle is doing really well with decimals and percents right now too.

Growing with Grammar is a favorite for everyone still and we kinda only completed one lesson this week.

Zachary completed another unit in ABeCeDarian!! I can't brag on this program enough for the help it is giving Zachary! With the wonderful way it's helping him he is getting to a point that the words are just harder for him so I am trying to help with hands on time during our week.

Hopefully this will help him retain the words easier.

And last but not least I can't help but to brag a little more on IEW. This is something that my kids really are loving. I am so happy that I can teach (well help teach) in a fun way that engages them and they want to learn!

I finished my patio table this week! It looks great.

Friday was Granny's "big" birthday we can't say why it was big but it was a big one! She enjoyed her party. Lexi decorated for it and I helped her. She loves throwing parties!

 Playing Risk!! 
Any chance Kyle gets he will pull that game out! He loved having so many people to play with! Needless to say, Uncle Andy beat them!

Hope your week wasn't as nuts as mine! 
Always blessed!


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