Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 47 & 48

Yes that's right I haven't completed a Weekly Wrap Up in 2 weeks. First I haven't been very successful with schooling the last 2 weeks either. Second I finally today have all the children home and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GO ANY WHERE ELSE OR ANY ONE COME OVER!!! It finally just comes to the point you have to just say no!! Just because public school is on break doesn't mean we homeschoolers are. I must be stronger in just saying NO.

With that said our weeks have been simply - N.U.T.S.

Here is a little of what we have been doing the last 2 weeks.

Our annual testing came and gone. We really had a wonderful testing time, everyone tried their best and I feel very good about how they did. Alexis did have some issues with the math section and had a melt down over having to guess at 4 division problems but other than that everything was wonderful!

Reading Kingdom! It's a review that I have coming up and all 3 kids are really enjoying this! Lexi asks to do it daily!

Daddy helping Zachary read his words. He is improving a lot but we still have to practice daily drills. 

 Kyle finished his David Livingstone biography and then wrote me a summary!

The gutter bookcase has made its way back into our rooms. I posted on these a long time ago in our other home but since moving we hadn't placed them back in the kids room. Let's just say I was happy and so where the kids! I think it looks wonderful in our new home.

 Coloring sight words that rhyme!

 Learning some basic fractions - At her request.

 Draw Write Now books are some of her favorite and so Wednesday she wanted me to help her with a seal. I love her drawing!

 We decided we needed a little more fun during one of the days we actually was able to do school. As you see there was still actually one missing but we went on anyway. We played Time Bingo! Lexi was the first to win! 

 Zachary was helping Daddy outside at the chicken house and look what he found. It was so little and cute!

Dentist trip Thursday and he picked a mustache for his prize. I am happy to report no cavities in any child! That makes my day because I worry so much about that!

 Garden has started giving us some wonderful goodies. We have gotten corn, bush beans, peas, radishes, strawberries, lettuce, squash and onions so far. I hope it keeps it up. All the rain has hurt some of the crops  but I am thankful to have some more than none!

 And yesterday guess what came??? 

Zachary's testing results. I can't wait to get the others. Personally I believe Zachary done a wonderful job. I am very proud of his testing results.

I hope your weeks have been blessed like mine, but I also hope that you have had some resting time too!


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