Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tour of a Homeschool House!!

Yesterday I posted about our homeschool house, today I want you to see what takes place through out my day!

Okay this takes nerves of steel on my part because I like everything to be nice and neat and well with 3 kids you know that it doesn't stay that way long!

This was in the middle of our day so just understand that before you watch!

This is a lived in home daily 24 hours a day! My children learn, play and explore right here.

This is R.E.A.L. life!




  1. Love it! You have a lovely home, Kayla! I loved hearing your voice too! :-)

  2. My pile that "needs to go" seems to just stay too. ;-) I love you for sharing this, and loved hearing your voice!

  3. You are brave. It is great to hear your voice. What a wonderful idea for a blog post. I really enjoyed.


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