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Doorposts - Because You Are Stong { Review }

Today I get to introduce you to a wonderful company that has helped aid me in my parenting adventure for a few years now. I have used their If - Then Chart since my children where small and I was looking for a great way of correcting that was biblical and helpful to explain. I haven't used that product in a few years simply because my children are no longer small but I was very happy with it.

Doorposts is a great place for Bible based parenting materials. They have wonderful materials to help instill good character and a love for digging and knowing the Bible.

I was pleased to see Doorposts offer for review Because You Are Strong through The Schoolhouse Review Crew. It's a study of Godly strength for young men by Daniel Forster which actually was a homeschool scholar himself!

Upon getting the book in the mail my son was immediately drawn to it. I personally believe it was the cover. Yeah, seriously I think the cover of the book drew his attention. Boys by nature are very visual and with the Knight's armor and sword there was nothing but fascination. 

We actually discussed the book cover because it was so neat and cool. I asked Kyle (who is 13) why he thought it was chosen to represent the book and he said "Because Knight's where brave and faced all kind of battles that they have to concur. They were honorable people and God wants us to be that way." I personally loved his response!

This study teaches how to study and dig in the Bible. My son has used a concordance for the first time. He has studied some Greek & Hebrew words from passages to understand the meanings.

Because You Are Strong contains 74 days of studying. Kyle has spent almost 20 - 30 minutes in each study daily so far. We have been using this as his personal devotion each day. The book contains 10 studies with a review study at the end of each. Each study has been divided into daily assignments and here is a listing of each study and what each is focused on.

Study 1 - Strength for the Race - Devotional

Study 2 - Strength with No Limits - Topical

Study 3 - Strength and Wisdom - Topical 

Study 4 - Strength and Temptation - Character Study

Study 5 - Strength to be Valiant - Word Study

Study 6 - Strength in Our Weakness - Verse Study

Study 7 - Strength in the Battle - Chapter Study

Study 8 - Strength Serving Others - Character & Topical 

Study 9 - Strength and Gray Heads - Verse Study

Study 10 - Strength in the Faith - Book Study

Study 11 - Strength in Review

I'm going to try to walk you through a lesson so you can better understand how each lesson is broken down into daily assignments and study.

Study 3 is based on Strength & Wisdom which is  Topical study in Proverbs. This is the second topical study so far.

The key verse is Proverbs 24:5 - "A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength."

This is focusing on "strength" and talks about Solomon's wisdom.

To the side of the Day 1 page you find Topical Study overview:

1. Find verses on your topic by using the concordance.

2. Read verses and record your observations

3. Summarize findings

4. Application

Under that you will find what is needed for the study. This is so helpful in each study! Kyle can gather his materials and be independent. 

Day 1 wants you to find the definition of the word strength then it would like you to find synonyms for the word. The activity is to find antonyms for "strength". You're almost done with day one of the study however you have to also start looking for the word using the concordance or looking up the topic in Nave's Bible. That completes day one.

I hope that helps you understand that this is broken down in easy chunks for our young men to work on without being over loaded. This has been just the right size information for Kyle. He has worked hard through this Bible Study so far. He is in study 4 and is learning a lot. He talks to me and his dad about each study so that we can understand if he comprehends what he is studying and is learning the concept. 

Kyle actually asked if there was another book for when he was finished and I told him we would work that out when the time came! I think that proves that he enjoys these lessons. I am proud that he finds the Bible entertaining and real. I am thankful that there is such a Bible Study book that helps my young man learn skills that is important to my family and God. The Bible has every day heros all throughout and live action too and that is appealing to young men.

I can't say enough great things about this study! It has truly been a blessing!

It is only $12.00 right now on the website for the physical book however you can get the eBook version as well for only $10.00.

If you would like to learn more about the layout and teachings of this book you have a free preview here. This study is targeted at ages 12 and up.

Schoolhouse Crew Reviewers are blogging about Because You Are Strong & Beauty In The Heart read more reviews here. 



  1. i will have to add this to my lists of books for the lad to do when he is older. thanks for doing the review. :)

    annette @ A net in time

  2. Adding this to my list. We use the "girl" one and loved it too. A great resource to have!


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