Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Keeping the Kitchen Cool on Hot Days!

Keeping the kitchen cool in the summer is a chore! I cook a lot so this is something that is challenging to me daily!

It's hard for my husband to eat salads because he just can't stand them but all of the kids and I love them so for lunch throughout the Summer we eat lots of salads which helps not heat up the house and is always nice and refreshing.

On those really hot days I'm just thankful for the a/c but I do still have to cook supper. Here are a few meals that we eat in the Summer months to stay cool inside.

The grill is one of my best friends from about March - September! I love cooking on it and that way all the heat stays outside where it belongs!

Hamburgers are something that my family loves!

Hot dogs are something my children enjoy but I can't stand them!

Steaks are delicious on the grill.

Chicken and normally when I cook it on the grill I actually BBQ it.

You can cook veggies on your grill too!

Grilled squash, zucchini and corn are all great choices and really easy when its fresh out of the garden.

If you don't have a grill you still can keep the house cooled off by making tuna salad which is something my kids love. 

Egg salad is something my husband loves.

Kyle's favorite is potato salad but you do have to boil the potatoes for a few minutes to soften.

Something my momma spoils me on is chicken salad, I love it and her's is so good!

Sandwiches are always a great idea too because there are so many ideas with them. Sub's are a personal favorite of mine and serve with chips or carrots! 

Hopefully some of these ideas spark some interest with ya!

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  1. sandwiches for lunch or smoothies is what we do.

    annette @ a net in time

  2. we eat a ton of salad, too! Love grilled food! Wish our grill was up and running ; )!

  3. Love chicken salad but haven't had any in forever!


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