Thursday, August 22, 2013

New BIC Brite Liner Highlighter Tape { Review }

I was contacted by the wonderful people at BIC to review a very interesting new product. It's their new re-invented highlighter! Guess what - It's tape & it seriously erases! 

It's the new BIC Brite Liner Highlighter Tape! Not only did they send me some to try but they are giving 15 to my lovely readers! So let's talk about this cool highlighter tape!

I was wondering at first just exactly what this would be like. I wondered if it was going to be wide or narrow or if this would bleed through my papers because this is a personal pet peeve of mine.  If it would smear or be wet.

The bright fluorescent tape actually DOES NOT BLEED or smear!! I was so happy about this because my children and I highlight in our Bible's almost daily and I can't stand when they bleed through onto the next sheet.

My smallest son is actually the one that normally has issues with it bleeding because of the force he uses the highlighter. We have tried crayons in the color yellow and that seems to work well however he wants to use what all the rest of us use.

 We use highlighters in our school textbooks so again so very happy that this doesn't ruin the next page. Also we had an instance that happened over the review period that my daughter highlighted the wrong passage in her text book and the coolest thing happened - She erased it! Yep, that's right it erased and you couldn't tell it was highlighted at all.

This new product offers a lot of convenience with the ease of using them. The highlighter tape comes in 2 of the most popular colors they offer: Pink & Yellow.

You can buy this in the store for under $5.00 which I think is a steal because the one thing that I was most impressed about was the fact that it is easy to use, my children could use it very easily and the fact that it didn't bleed. Yes, I know I've said that over and over but to me that was the most important detail! 

BIC is the worlds largest distributor of stationery products and was founded more than 50 years ago. They continue to improve their products to help meet the demand of their customers. 

I must say this is a new favorite tool to use in our homeschool!! 

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  1. I love colored Flair pens. And I love a new notebook. :)

  2. We love Gel pens and twistable crayola crayons

  3. My favorite is the big roll of blank newsprint we get from the newspaper office.

  4. My favorite school supply item is BIC pens.

  5. I love setting up new binders for the year . . . and seeing how my kids personalize their binders with custom artwork!

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  7. I totally messed up by last comment...sorry! My favorite school supply item is story picture notebooks. The kind with a blank space at the top for a picture and handwriting lines at the bottom for the story.

  8. I love fancy and colorful, fun pens. I collect where ever I see them. Although this year I am loving Caty's Scenty markers!!


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