Monday, August 12, 2013

Our School Room {HOUSE} 2013/2014

 Curriculum Week in the 2013 Not Back to School Blog Hop

It's that time of year once again that all homeschoolers share their workspace! This is one of my favorite posts that I watch for... I know its crazy but true!

Alright just a heads up... 
We school all over our house. Homeschooling for us is a lifestyle not just something we do for an activity. I don't care that someone comes in my home and sees our school books or posters or art work. That's just what my family is about. We do not have ONE schoolroom. We actually have tried but failed miserably. I can't stand to stay in one spot all day and it just wasn't a good idea for our family. 

Background on my family if your new:
We have only been in our house for a year. We school year round with the new year starting in September. I have 3 wild kiddos that I love more than anything besides my awesome and wonderful Savior!

90% of our school work is completed in the Diningroom but we move around a lot too. Read a louds on the sectional or my bed, science outside or in the kitchen! Documentaries of course in the living room on the couch but we have watched some in my bedroom before too!

 Our kitchen. This is a well used area or should I say highly used area!

The Livingroom is one of my favorite places to cuddle with the kids. We have an open basement which gives us a small open space for the computer to have a home. The keyboard/piano is behind and I forgot to take a picture but it stays here to be hooked up to the computer for lessons. The kids use the computer regularly with guidance.

Here is where we tried to have a schoolroom last year and it lasted about 6 weeks and I was done! I moved everything around in one day and when Kevin came home he just laughed and didn't even ask why. I couldn't take it any more and I think he understood. I love our basement because its so open. All the kids toys are down there. Our extra supplies for school are down there too. Our basement is like a den it has a spare bed, couch, table, toys and the washer & dryer.

A lot of our books, games and manipulative's are housed here. This eliminates a lot of mess. I am thankful for all the space my house gives.

 My kids also school in their rooms however I'm not posting those pics for personal reasons!

I love this blog hop and I hope you enjoyed looking inside our home for our 2013/2014 school year!