Friday, August 16, 2013

Schoolhouse Expo Speakers & Info

Alright, I am so ready for this years Schoolhouse Expo to begin. I need some much needed encouragement and I am totally ready!!

The Expo beings August 19 and runs through the 23rd. Starts at 1 eastern/10 pacific.

The best thing is IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT FOR THAT TIME OR DATE - You won't miss out!! I know - how awesome is that. You can never predict if your babies are going to be sick or if your going to wake up late? So this is a huge blessing. You will receive the recordings right to your email!

Here are a few of the speakers you will hear.


I really enjoy her. I have spoke with her before about troubles with writing and I am pleased to say she is so helpful and has a huge heart.


My family was recently introduced to Mr. Pudewa through IEW and I must say my entire family really loved his personality and humor so I am looking forward to hearing him speak.


My family has used Classical Conversations for 2 years now and I haven't listened to Jennifer once so this is a real delight for me!


Heather gives me so much encouragement just watching her on facebook with the struggles and sickness that she goes through. I pray for her and I can't wait to listen to her testimony and interact with her more.

If your wondering how to register just go right here and it will guide you through the process!

If you want to know more about when the speakers are going to talk look here at the schedule.

See ya there!

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